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Library crash, All knobs affected

Discussion in 'Third-Party Sample Libraries' started by Mahdi Bayar, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. Mahdi Bayar

    Mahdi Bayar New Member

    I'm having a problem with my libraries, mostly output libraries. Once I tweak one knob or slider all other sliders/knobs get affected and satan himself appears with a screeching sound through my monitors. Say I want to lower a "filter" slider/knob and teak it to 45%, then ALL of the other sliders get the same amount and also affect other libraries. How do I solve this? PLEASE I have had enough of this problem for a few days now.

    I also did batch and resave all libraries. I have routed all libraries to other channels through Abletons External Instrument.

    Appreciate the help in advance.