List of feature requests (sort of already implemented in my mod)

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    Here I'll try to do an extense list of useful festures that I have implemented on my mod for your controller but which are missing on the laptop application.

    1. Displaying the Phrase Markers on the Waveform too
    So, with Traktor 3 you introduced the ability of displaying the DownBeat Markers on the Waveform, which is really cool and useful. However, I'm missing a visual representation of where the "Phrase Markers" are, according to the Transport Setting "Bars per Phrase".
    This would benefit all DJs, especially novice/intermediate DJs. Needless to say, this phrase Marker should start counting the X bars per Phrase whenever a GridMarker is set.

    2. Counting the Beats Correctly
    Closely related to the previous point, it would be very nice if you could fix the BeatCounter, so that whenever a GridMarker is passed, the BeatCounter starts counting again (I'm assuming that GridMarkers are always set in the first beat of a Phrase, of course.)

    I would also suggest to allow to select and mesure this setting in Beats instead of Bars (and display the Bars in parenthesis next to the Beats per Phrase setting), so that one could select, for instance, 22 beats per phrase. (5 Bars and half, as some (small number) tracks do).

    Furthermore, it would be very Innovative in the Industry to create a TAG field where you could select the Beats per Phrase of that Specific Track, being 16 (or whichever one sets in the Transport Settings), and Traktor then to read it and display the Waveform according to that specific Tag, or in case it's missing, use the default value.

    3. Edit Mode in the Laptop too
    Currently is way easier for me to modify and visualize the Modifications one is making to the Grid in the screen of my controller than in Traktor on the Laptop, which is nonsense. I would appreciate that one could enable/disable a setting to display/enter Edit Mode (similar to the way it works on the S8/S5/D2) and Edit the grid more easily.

    4. Beat Counter instead of Phase Meter
    It would be nice to have an option to chose between the current Phase Meter and a visual Beat Counter to be displayed where the Phase Meter currently is. (Or even display boths, but shorter/smaller, side by side)

    5. Setting to allow the use/display of Camelot Key instead of Open Key or Musical Key
    A few months ago I displayed that this was already possible, but one had to manually Edit the Settings.tsi file to be able to do this. I don't understand why this isn't enabled in the software too (licensing problem with Mixed in Key?)

    6. Display the names of the hotcues
    I can't understand why one can only visualize the names of the HotCues when he has the Advanced Panel extended and set to Hotcues, it is really "necessary" to display their names somewhere (in the Hotcue Bar, for instance?).

    7. Modify hotcue information without having to activate it
    Currently, you have to activate a hotcue to select it and modify its information (name and hotcue type (currently the app property of a hotcue can only be modified through the generic property of hotcue type, which modifies the type of the active hotuce..., the stored property of hotcue type of hotcue X isn't writeable)), which is horrible when you want to do a modification if you are playing live. It would be nice that one could select a Hotcue and modify it's name and hotcue Type without triggering it, displaying the hotcue selector menu in the advanced panel (and keeping the ability to trigger hotcues when pressing any of the 8 hotcue buttons)
    Related to this, the hotcue type function/property has never worked properly when assigned to a relative property adapter (an encoder/knob), it only works via button adapters (set/toggle mode), no idea why.

    8. Setting to display the Waveform in 3 bands only
    An option to visualize your laptop's waveform just like in your controller (and allow to customize the colour of the 3 eq bands)

    9. Remix Decks improvements
    Better understanding of the samples one is controlling with his controller, highlighting the samples he currently has "selected on the pads of its controller"

    10. KeySync button
    The ability to press one button to sync its key to the master deck's key (already implemented on my mod, this is writing a function only)

    PS: Will edit this post and add pictures if requested of the implementations I'm suggesting and how I have implemented them on my mod
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  2. dj_estrela

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    Thanks for this well thought list of feature requests, based on your delivered work
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  3. Aleix Jiménez

    Aleix Jiménez NI Product Owner

    You’re welcome! Hopefully someone in the NI Team checks this list and we can see any of the mentionned features in the future... :rolleyes:
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