Long time Serato user switching over, longing for some basic features!

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    Hey Guys: Been using Traktor for 2 weeks now. It's a pretty cool program but there are a couple of things that I think Serato has that would be awesome if Traktor could adopt:

    - Library Management with regard to smart playlists in iTunes. Tighter integration with iTunes is really needed. Proper tagging of files and good rules allow for iTunes to automatically keep my music organized. Manually maintaining a Track Collection is a nightmare! Please allow for tracks read from iTunes to be saved in the "Track Collection" Database. This should be SEAMLESS without user interaction. Tracks should automatically import (and be removed) from collection as per iTunes. As it stands currently, any change ID3Tags in itunes can cause for a song to be missing from track collection.

    - Command + F: The way this works needs to be scrapped and start from scratch. ANYTIME I invoke Command + F, it should take me to search, and if there is something in there, it should select the text so i can then quickly press delete. It also needs to be faster when holding down delete to clear existing text.

    - Reworking analyze feature or adding an option for automatic beat-gridding. This is retarded that I must manually build beat grids for each track! I understand that some tracks will need manual adjustment (i'm fine with that), but the current status quo has me wanting to pull my hair out.

    - Display of decks/waveforms. Traktor is so customizable I'm shocked that this isn't possible! I CAN beatmatch by ear, but I will admit, I cheat alot with my eyes (everyone on serato does). I cheat ALOT especially when it comes to older non quantized music that has a live drummer. Allowing to have the waveforms parallel is a god send. I'd love to be able to switch the way tracks are displayed on the fly as in serato. Sync can't for the life of it work on things like classic james brown, teddy pendergrasss etc...

    - Colours. Serato makes great use of Colours:

    cue points: I should be able to change the colour of cue points as needed (and have the pads on respective controllers match!)

    track colour: Serato allows for you to change the colour of a track and sort by it. I understand that this could be done with rating as well, but colour is faster to read on the fly than stars!

    played tracks: i found that tracks played frequently were a different colour than infrequently played ones, this is also great for moving fast.

    - FLUSHING BACKGROUND TASKS. WHAT THE FUNK? It's 2013, I multitask. Your program can't crash due to other programs being open. I believe all current operating sandbox programs so this doesn't happen. Not saving my history because of this is not OK. And yes, my computer can handle it, it's the newest MacBook Retina. The only programs I use while DJing is preview (i have the Traktor Manual open), Chrome, Firefox, Dropbox, and Crashplan. Nothing intense.

    And yes I'd pay for these workflow improvements! Keep up the good work, I'm super excited to be learning Traktor, would LOVE to be playing on it exclusively!
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    cant comment on that - i dont use itunes

    please note that you can map EVERY key to the search. if you want to have cmd+F, then justs (re-)map it yourself (if it's not or different in the default mapping). traktor is flexible here.

    you can let traktor automatically set a beatgrid... there's an option for that! ;)

    use the phase meters instead.

    actually, most traktor users are happy that traktor doesnt look like a christmas tree...

    crashes are not normal. please contact the NI support on that.
  3. paazel

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    iTunes for all it's faults, is actually a really great organizational tool that automates playlists. Manually creating/updating playlists weekly is a nightmare. I drop tracks into iTunes and it knows where to file it based on tags. When you DJ 4-5 nights a week, it's important to save as much time as possible.

    After using it for another week, this BIGGEST issue here is that after searching for a song the focus doesn't shift to the song results, you have to manually move the mouse to select the song. Ideally I would search for a song, move arrow keys up/down and then shift+ (right or left) to load. Mouse should not need to be used like this. It's a major workflow disadvantage.

    HOW? Do I have to re-analyze after unlocking each track?

    They're only good when the BPM's are close. I find them useless for funk/soul/rock

    As a Traktor strength is it's ability to be customized, should this at least be an option?

    Have done so thanks, seems to be under control!
    Seems to be most of my requests are the same things others are requesting in the product suggestion area!
  4. DJ Freshfluke

    DJ Freshfluke Traktor Mod Moderator

    yeah, i agree, that would be nice to have.

    dont unlock tracks that have a good tempo! or other way round: dont lock tracks when their tempo isnt alright!
    when analyzing, the popup asks you to set a beatgrid, check this option. also choose a range as narrow as possible for the tracks to be analyzed for best results.

    yeah. they are hard to mix anyways. what i do: i grab a short loop where i measure the tempo exactly and name the loop after that tempo (one where i usually start to mix and another where i usually mix out) - i use these for mixing then ;)

    valid question but i'm pretty sure nobody at NI wants this. another strength of traktor is that it looks so much better than serato ;) :p
  5. paazel

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    WAY too much work

    I mean this isn't a design/preference request, it's just a way to work faster.

    Traktor is a dope program, hopefully the next version addresses the search and library issues. At this point I'm going back to Serato, but will be on the lookout! And, yes, it will suck to have to carry my box when I use my 900.
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