Loop recorder 'active' indicator request. (solved..)

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    i use the loop recorder as a little bit of glue between transitions. Sometimes i have a loop that i can use with multiple tracks. In that case the loop recorder marches along with decks A and B. Sometimes i need to check if the loop is still active or not. That isn't a problem when the loop recorder panel is still active, but most of the time i need the effects panel. It would be handy to have an indicator in traktor's header....

    Good idea?

    Gr Henri
  2. -Yul-

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    seems obvious for everybody exept NI to not hide the LR.
    But to be fair, I think they just don't give a **** about the LR. Why because if they do care:

    - they would have added a independent filter to it, it makes so much sense. But, no.
    - they would have added more than 8 YEARS AGO an option in the preferences' tab so one could choose what the source is when you open a session. But, no.
    - One would think they would have implemented at least instead mapping commands to map that eventually. Arf, not even.
    - they would have obviously spotted they broke the 'cue' source 7 MONTHS AGO with an update as it doesn't work anymore. And it would have been fixed by now. Nah.
    - they would have developed inspirational content so people can be hyped about the feature, but no, why really bother?

    But it's very convenient actually so when you get in touch with them, it's not really their priority because no ******* one uses the loop recorder...
    Guess why.

    So your only option is to create different layouts with and without the loop recorder and map layout change commands to something.
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  3. wapperen

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    True....but maybe i (and you) are a little bit old-fashioned. I could use decks C and D for looping, but that's to much visual distraction for me. I like the simplicity of the LR...

    But what worries me more, is that NI doesn't know where traktor's HEADER and FX panel are....lol....(i'm a happy traktor user btw!) wrong.png
  4. wapperen

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    I've mapped a led on my x1 controller to light up when:
    A; a loop is recorded
    B: when the loop recorder is playing.

    So that's also a solution....

    gr Henri