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love it but don't use it

Discussion in 'SPEKTRAL DELAY' started by otalk, Mar 7, 2002.

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  1. otalk

    otalk New Member

    Its been nine months since I bought Spektral Delay.
    I have yet to do anything but play as I cannot use it in
    Logic as a VST plugin without crashing. I have been
    hearing for months about a patch but no signs yet.
    I have so many NI programs and unfortunately I bought
    Absynth first (which I love and have had very few problems
    with) and assumed that the other programs would
    address VST and ASIO in the same manner. I was very
    disappointed to find that that was not the case. Every other
    program seems to have its own bugs related to VST or ASIO.
    Still can't get Battery to work with ASIO. Aside from Absynth
    the other programs (Spek. D, B2, Reaktor and Battery) feel like they were released too early and the task of really polishing them was postponed. I will wait a long time and check the newsgroups before I purchase another NI program. I am very patient and understand how long it can take to chase down all the bugs and implement interfaces for so many standards with such complex and beautiful programs, but I don't understand the lack of communication about what to expect. A little communication goes a long way. It would be nice to see target dates posted on the internet!

    1 gig memory
    OS 9.2.2
    MOTU 828
  2. ghunter

    ghunter New Member

    You can run Spektral Delay in a regular audio channel, but not in an Audio Instrument. I agree 100% that this is a pain, but from what I understand this is a Logic VST implementation bug and has nothing to do with Native Instruments.

    I should be getting the Logic 5.0 upgrade this week, and this will be one of the first things I test!

  3. jazzydred

    jazzydred New Member


    Hey guys...I have a G4/400 (AGP) 1.2gigs RAM, Delta 66 , and using Logic 4.8.1, Spektral works fine as a plug-in, but not as a stand-alone. I tried all the latest drivers from midiman, and played with buffer sizes. Is anyone else using it as a standalone with asio? Any tips? Thanks, people
  4. pscottm

    pscottm NI Product Owner

    SD no go w asio

    same problem. i can't get SD to work as stand-alone period, even w sound mgr. it freezes on the splashscreen. i have delta 1010 w latest derivers which work great w reaktor and everything else but SD just bugs out. works in logic as audio channel insert but that's it.
    i've contacted NI support about this but never heard anything back. as much as i love SD, it's a pain in the ass and as a result i rarely use it, particularly in a proffesional situation where i'm afraid it will crash my machine..boo

  5. andi

    andi New Member


    I also bought SD about six months ago and I have not used it yet. I have tried it on Win 98 SE (crashes often in VST plug in mode, stand alone seems ok) and also on Win 2K (heavy distortion as a VST plug in, sort of works as Direct X plug in but still crashes often). I have not tried it on Win XP yet as I am still tweaking the system and I don't want any trouble maker plug ins on it.

    All of my other N.I. stuff (Reaktor, Battery, B4) works fine and all of my other plug ins work fine. SD was voted top plug of 2001 in a recent Computer Music magazine and it sounds really amazing when it works, but as long as it's the only plug to continually crash my system, it is staying off of my machine.
  6. robot909

    robot909 NI Product Owner

    I found that S.D. works on its own while utilizing the "soundmanager" driver, when I place a 828 asio driver in the asio drivers, then it crashes.
    I don't remember, if it works in Logic... But works fine in Ableton Live.

  7. john.e

    john.e New Member

    update will solve it?

    I can't use the standalone on my Mac either.

    I'm guessing that they've worked out a lot of these issues in the 1.5 update which will be out any day.
  8. jazzydred

    jazzydred New Member


    Every few days, I stop by this website, only to see that the update will be here in a few days.........sigh
  9. a Knight of NI

    a Knight of NI NI Product Owner

    it's fussy


    i'm having the same problem running stand alone as well. SD runs fine in logic as an audio plugin - but highly dissapointed that it freezes as an audio instrument plugin. Battery freezes the computer like SD on boot as a standalone prog. too. Reaktor runs fine both ways though. as long as i can get them to work one way or another and create, i'll take the good with the bad. i'm wondering how many days "any day now" actually means though - i can't wait untill the SD update comes out.
  10. john.e

    john.e New Member

    it's out

    well the update's here now. it says it has increased stability in Windows but mentions nothing about Mac. i have yet to try it.
  11. bodo

    bodo New Member


    Just to show how well those programmers at NI do their jobs, I run S.D. 1.0 on a trusty ol' beige G3 (266 Mhz) with only 190 Mb of RAM on Mac OS 8.6 and it runs fine! It can tend to become a little sluggish when running it as a plug-in in Cubase 4.1, but apart from that it is a real pleasure to work with.

    So, that's vintage 'Mimimum requirements' at work!
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