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M+ thread (standalone workflow experiences)

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Supercreative, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. Supercreative

    Supercreative NI Product Owner

    Hey M+ community.

    Based on all the various threads in in here for different Maschine controllers now its time to break that paradigm. ;)
    Since M+ has been released, it would be helpful to have a specific thread to share workflow experiences regarding M+. :)

    Feel free to share your information. But please keep focus on M+ standalone workflow. Thx. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Edit 1:
    Additionally, this thread helps to stay in contact with other M+ users.
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  2. jeblo

    jeblo NI Product Owner

    I love to use iDevices for a stand-alone workflow:
    Use a camera connector kit to connect via USB into Maschine‘s USB B port.
    MIDI connection is established.

    Start AUM to host MIDI apps as PolyStepArp, Fugue Machine or various chord/music theory apps.
    The great Yamaha Phrase Arpeggiator hab been discontinued unfortunately (still running on my Air1)
    There are some cool (dynamic) drummer apps (Lumbeat) to get a beat started, you just need to map the drum trigger notes properly (use Drumkit as MIDI mapping on the Maschine, as there is no „Batch set Drum to midi note“ on the plus.

    AUM syncs tempo of all hosted apps via Ableton Link to Maschine+

    And now beg NI for USB audio support to start digital crate digging and AU Synth app integration.
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  3. Supercreative

    Supercreative NI Product Owner

    TBH, I like to use M+ without to use a computer. But till now I don't used external gear with it.

    Here, my primary aim is now to arrange a full song sketch out of a loop consisting various groups and sounds.
    At this point I don't like to use pattern in the song view anymore. I'm going to use clips to have a maximum of flexibility. So I decided to try It by using of clips only. This is (currently) the point where I see limitations. IMO, re-arranging / re-editing a bunch of clips simultaneously needs improvement in short term. BTW, does anyone know an already existing video about this?
  4. Uija

    Uija New Member

    I love to work with the Machine+, but I cannot get my head around their approach to sound. I am not able to design sound freely in Massive on the Maschine, because there are toms of I portent Settings that are not assignable to a Macro, and the MIDI Implementation regarding Cc/Pc Transport is implemented in a way, totally different to other similar devices. Maschine is not able to automatically tell my hardware synths what program to play. How in the hell should someone who is not using presets play with it? I really hope, that they have making their own synths accessible on the device very high on their list.

    and I would love to be able to zoom the left screen, when I am on the song screensaver well as scroll instead of page through the banks to get better overview.

    besides that, I think they did an awesome job with the +
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  5. jeblo

    jeblo NI Product Owner

    I don‘t consider an iPad being a computer, else the Maschine+ also could be in this category;)
    For me the tactile factor is most important (not using a mouse).
    Actually I stopped using iPad apps, after collecting plenty of them, as it’s not the same as physical buttons and faders.
    However an iPad LINKed to the Maschine+ gives me (almost) all benefits of a desktop DAW, but I still can sit on my sofa/balcony, no mouse, no cables...

    The only things I’m missing is USB audio, my Kontakt libraries and visualization/access to modulation/automation.

    Slowly, but surely I adapt to Maschine’s pattern/scene/section workflow. Working with clips only is too limited in its current state.

    UI for the plugins would certainly improve the workflow when creating own sounds, but this will be at the cost of more CPU consumption

    ALDREAD NI Product Owner

    Ive set mine up away from the computer.
    Have a ka6 mk 2 connected for extra audio and midi I/O , output 3-4 goes though the xm for some fx.
    Have a nektar midi flex 4 for some more extra midi ports
    Made a template with groups for 4 Jupiter xm and 4 mc 101 synth tracks and 6 groups for the xm drum track.