MASCHINE and Traktor 2.5

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  1. alepeinador

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    Sorry to beat a dead horse but... seems people out there are hard at work accomplishing the "imposible" and as a Maschine owner I can't but feel left out of the Remix Deck fun:
    MIDI Fighter now has full incoming and outgoing signals for Remix Deck control and feedback. Look at those wonderful blinking colors!
  2. jhsoltero

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    I've been looking into this. The remix decks can be mapped logically right now but I think the big deal is the 4 different banks. Only the f1 is able to offer a 16 pad unit that has individual control of 64 slots, but as of now you can still use the remix decks with a s2 or maschine. Any other controller that could have that much control over over 64 loops would need 4x16 sets of knobs and pads and that would a nearly undertaking I don't see the general user base taking. However there's a midifighter with the ability to control the remix decks. Don't know how they did it but they did.
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    Damn. I just read through this whole thread, hoping to learn more about how I can use my Maschine in conjunction with the remix decks/F1 to create original remix sets. All I found was people complaining about the MIDI mapping.

    For the record; I don't mind having to buy a new piece of proprietary gear, as long as the benefits are worth the price tag. In this case, I definitely think they are. I've only played with the preset Remix sets, and I'm already overwhelmed with the possibilities.

    I will be slicing up some custom edits of tunes for my next gig, and piecing together original remix sets one by one. I look forward to future updates, where hopefully it will be easier to produce beats in Maschine and move the parts right over to the remix slots. (The current drag and drop method has some bugs that need to be worked out. An export group/scene/pattern to remix set option would be great.)

    None of the previous owners had to purchase an upgrade for their software, and there are still numerous upgrades to the functionality of the sample decks. (Better grid function, sync, individual keylock, etc.) So, I hardly see room for complaints.
  4. H3PO4

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    Maschine has 8 different group assignments built into the controller (including when it's in MIDI mode), so it's already capable of handling double what you mentioned.

    Interestingly, they already have a controller mapping in Control Editor for Traktor 2 that covers about half the useful functions of the X1 (hotcues, browsing, and looping). I'd be happy if they'd just allow us to map the basics on the remix doesn't have to cover everything.
  5. jiggle

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    [ame=""]Maschine R preview - advanced Remix Decks for Maschine - YouTube[/ame]

    I've been working on this, its for osx. Its taken me ages :)

    It does everything I wanted

    64 slots on decks C & D

    Screens display the deck being controlled

    Remix pack names on screen (that took a while :) )

    browse and load, mute, 4 slot volume

    and some extra stuff, fx assign stuff like that
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  6. Sparksta

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    nice work!

    need any beta testers? ;)

    looking forward to this

  7. alepeinador

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    Awesome mapping!

    I seriously hope you are sharing this in the future, there are many Maschine users waiting for exactly what you have achieved (and by now it is clear NI is not providing anytime soon).
  8. TraumaBeatsDrama

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    What hacks?
    that is legit, i dont want the mapping, but what i would like to know is where to start so I can start making my own.

    great work on that! and any info is appreciated!
  9. jiggle

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    Hi, its an app Ive written in c/objective c, Im working on some extra bits to make it really shine. Currently it works with all the slots for decks c & d ,and displays the pack names on the machine display, as well as the deck your currently controlling/ which mode its in etc. It doenst really use any hacks

    It doesnt use bomes or any other midi app, my app is all you need to use the full remix decks with a maschine & osx

    It is osx only.

    When its good n tested it will be available on my site, Il post back when its all done.

    If I can help with anything let me know
  10. ekwipt

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    Great work!
  11. Eqube

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    No Windows! :-S