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Maschine dies controlling Ableton

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by theo.beck, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. theo.beck

    theo.beck Forum Member

    Im controlling ableton with the maschine controller and for whatever reason every 5 the maschine controller will stop responding in ableton and the only way to get it back is unplug and replugging the maschine.

    Is there a solution of this issue?

    Iam using

    Audio DJ 8
    Maschine , Driver V2.4.21, Service V 1.4.2
  2. continuous

    continuous NI Product Owner

  3. theo.beck

    theo.beck Forum Member

    maybe I found something out:
    If I use Maschine MIDI Port instead of Audio DJ 8 Midi Port, it works fine

    The Problem is, with the Maschine Midi Port, the Midi Sync is not very good.
    BPM in Ableton jumps from 127 - 129...
  4. KC Muff

    KC Muff NI Product Owner

    Hi Mate

    If you plan to use Live "live" then do not try to use Maschine as your master controller; it will fail and then it will fail again...

    Get yourself a Launchpad and an SLMK2 ;)
  5. theo.beck

    theo.beck Forum Member


    maybe I found out a solution.
    Yesterday Maschine didnt die for hours, it worked whole night.

    I turned everything of, except the Sync for Audio DJ8 midi port 0
    see here the screenshot: Ableton Maschine seeting

    I hope this was not an "accident"
  6. TheStreisandEffect

    TheStreisandEffect Forum Member

    Same problem here and it's driving me insane not to mention costing me money. I've already had to cancel two well-paying shows because of this! Everything will work fine for 5-30 minutes and then suddenly out of nowhere, the midi control just stops responding. Sometimes even re-plugging it in doesn't reconnect it. I've got a brand new mb pro and have a midi keyboard that works flawlessly so i know its not my usb ports. The last time it "crashed" or lost connection, it even "reset" some of the midi maps I had created and now I can't get them to work at all. The other frustrating thing is the controller editor keeps your old setups even if you delete the .ncc and .ncm programs and re-install the controller editor. Where the hell are the cache files that its storing these in?

    I sold my other gear and bought MASCHINE because NI touted it as a great controller for Ableton but even thought I normally rave about their stuff, trusting them was a huge mistake in this case! I don't mean to sound dramatic but this is seriously ruining my life at the moment because my booking agency wants to know whats up and I don't have time or money to order another APC-40. I seriously hope they come through with a fix for this soon.
  7. gherat

    gherat New Member


    Same problem over here! What's up with that NI? The buttons on maschine hardware don't update after a couple of minutes when using the maschine ableton controller template.. So when I switch between the pattern and scene button/modes, the pads which represents the scenes and clips are frozen.. I can also turn on scene AND pattern at the same time in this "frozen state". The first couple of minutes it works fine then.. BOOM, freeze.. I need to pull out the USB port and re-attach it to get it working again ..if I'm lucky. Sometimes a system reboot is needed. Haven't been able to use the controller for more then 4 minutes..

    Fix it please!

    I'm using:
    ableton live 8.1
    maschine 1.7.2
    Controller Editor 1.4.3
  8. ihavequestions

    ihavequestions Forum Member

    same problem here
    did anyone tried what theo beck said ?

    also does anyone knows how to perfectly sync traktor pro 2 and ableton to use maschine as a host for ableton

    am using traktor pro 2 controlled by one kontrol x1
    synced traktor with ableton like on dubspot videos after the sync then routed decks on ableton even if am not using maschine as host i cant sync ableton with traktor perfectly or just maschine and traktor i mean it syncs almost at the same bpm
    lets say i have a track runing on deck A and if i wana add some loop or whatever on maschine the master of this selected track lets say is 128 bpm then maschine syncs almost 128 bmp also but when u play them together doesnt really sound perfectly sync when i change a track on deck b the beats are already moved like kicks dont go with kicks and snares. when u use the sync button on traktor seems perfectly aligned kicks with kicks and blahblah but on maschine ? do i have to do it manually or am i doing something wrong or maybe i didnt understand too much the minute 5:50 of this video [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xzldehIsCE"]How to Sync Ableton Live and Traktor - The Right Way | DJ Endo - YouTube[/ame]
    when i use maschine as plugin for ableton also don't really sync that well and everytime i change tracks on traktor the mix is not beatmatch
    is there something i should know ? i like sync button
    also i want to try to record a mix rec out from xone 92 into one of my inputs of audio 10 dj sound card how to assign channels to record the mixes on the 8/9 inputs of 10 dj, and if possible use the effects of traktor pro 2 on the send return of xone 92 i see every tutorial or demo made on xone 92 seems like nobody knows how to use send and return on this mixer for some effects or delays virtual fx tho like from ableton or traktor
    i might need dj endo to setup all my configurations on my style without using maschine as a controller for traktor koz i dont like the idea
    maybe no one would know how to answer to these questions iv seen every kind of tutorials already but its maybe the ins and outs that confuse me a lot..and syncs

    am running
    maxbook pro : 10.6.8
    jack OSX
    traktor latest today version i forgot the number blahblah (two decks A B ) for now..
    ableton 8.2
    maschine 1.7.soemthing i guess 2 latest version today first day of 2012 italy time 6:02 second idk
    1 kontrol x1.
    audio 10 dj
    8kg of a lot cables ( hope to get rid of them in the future and use wireless )
    xone 92 with two beautiful return channels that i don't know how to use them
    krk rokit 5 right and left
    and my artistic well design brain

    thanks and happy new 2012 good vibes .cheerrs from Lima Peru New York usa and Modena Italy

    i have a homework for native instruments rite here fix my problems i wana dj and produce for the whole lot of love of 2012 until my +