'Maschine Keyboard' MIDI controller request

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    can't post in Feature Suggestions/Request section, will post here instead

    I'd be happy to buy and use something like this... MIDI 'keyboard' with pads instead of keys... could be called 'Maschine Keyboard'

    -5x12 = 60 velocity-sensitive RGB pads with polyphonic aftertouch, one line = one octave, possible versions with different amount of octaves
    -notes and scales highlighting
    -pitch and mod wheels
    -octave up and down buttons
    -root note switch buttons
    -some knobs and faders
    -transport controls

    basic layout below

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    Great idea Fxon!

    That's what I've been waiting for all my life!

    This would allow guitarists to instantly transpose their playing to keyboards!

    Because by having 12 semitones in a row making a complete octave and multiplied by several lines, we can make the same geometric shapes (visually) as on the guitar.

    The problem for guitarists, when you switch to a traditional piano keyboard (with white/black key), is that there are nearly 12 possible finger configurations simply to transpose a powerchord, while on a guitar (except for the exception of the 2nd string which is shifted by half a tone), you just have to hold the position of the fingers and move your hand quickly on the neck.

    With a keyboard with 12 pads in line, we can do as on the guitar since a powerd chord (or any other chord/scale) will keep the same geometric structure on the keyboard, like this:


    hamonic_minor_schema_transpose_everywhere_is _the_same.jpg

    With launchpads having 8x8 pads, you can have scales (of 7 notes) corresponding to the first 7 pads, but since the semitones that are not part of the scale are no longer there, it's impossible to transpose quickly when you use this playing "scale" mode.

    A keyboard/launchpad with 12 semitones per line would be really great and useful! This could encourage all guiraists to use launchpads much more often!

    Considering the number of guitarists available, this could bring many more customers to NI with a keyboard like this one!
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