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Maschine Mikro MK3 could be a perfect tool - if NI did not spoil it.

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by klancyk, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Benoit Peeters

    Benoit Peeters NI Product Owner

    Little did I expect such a “Komplete” answer! Well thank you for that light out of the tunnel!

    May I ask more? Lol
    About hardware. I’m no pro but I intend to make quality stuff. Do you think it is possible to use something like a surface pro as u mention for day to day workhorse?

    As main computer (it is a home studio).

    Or maybe could it be better to stick with the Lenovo P1 or X1 laptop (P1 is a workstation laptop) for upgradability/easier fixing?

    Tanks once more!!
  2. LoveEnigma

    LoveEnigma NI Product Owner

    I wonder if NI is still planning to release some updates from Mikro MK3. At the least, add MCU support and Controller Editor template. There probably is some untapped potential in Mikro MK3 which all users would appreciate and thank if explored.
  3. baridw1

    baridw1 NI Product Owner

    That's good to know, My next hardware purchase from NI was going to be the Micro but hearing this I'd say not anymore until that changes. The Mikro's size would be nice but for me the MK3 is small enough. Maybe because I went from Maschine studio to the MK3 and the Studio is huge.
  4. baridw1

    baridw1 NI Product Owner

    That's trifling, burn it was yo hands and get another one. (In that order) :p
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