Modifier states/midi controls and more.

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    I would like to see a few extra modifier states in Traktor 3, such as:
    Flux mode deck .x = on/off
    Reverse deck .x = on/off
    Deck .x FX is set to = 0/1/2/3/4/5
    This just for some more possibilities, and easier to map LED feedback.
    Normal modifiers do the trick right now, but are not as steady and "bugfree" as for example the deck play = on/off modifier state.
    There's probably some extra "easy" modifier states people can think aswell.

    Also it would be cool if the F1 functions for remix decks such as gain and pitch per sample would be midi mapable. I own a F1 so again not a big problem, but I would like to implement those things into the step sequencer functionality of traktor, and i'm pretty sure there's more people who would like to see this. Just a; Sample pitch adjust with, assignment to deck/row/slot etc. would be sufficient as the rest could in theory be done with the normal modifiers. Another way could be to make a pitch/gain mapping for the last selected slot in a deck. As it is already possible to select a sample without playing it, this would also be a nice and compact way of mapping.

    Another thing I would really love to see is a (or multiple) global modifier. By this I mean there should be a (few) modifier which can be changed with a controller with the modifier state outside it's mapping. So another controller can read this "global modifier" and adjust the way you want when it changes. This would for example make it possible to set controller B to another deck when pressing a button on controller A. Or in my particular case it would for example make it possible that when I change the deck to a remix deck with a button on 1 of my X1 controllers, my launchpad and launchcontrol XL switch to the stepsequencer pages I mapped for that particular deck, with that same button on the X1. Right now I could make an extra mapping with the midi output set to global and send a midi signal to another mapping with the input set to global, but this does come with crossing midi signals when multiple controllers are used and thus prevents more advanced mappings. (also setting the x1 to global output outside its full midi mode does obviously not work as it does not send MIDI in factory or user mode.)

    Then another thought, it would be awesome if there could be a third modifier slot to assign to controls. (Traktor 3, 3 modifiers you know :p)
    Especially with the remix/ step sequencer/ pad record functions etc. it becomes harder and harder to add a "shift functionality" to certain buttons because the slots are already filled with "play states" and such. And with every function you guys add to Traktor (which is awesome) it will probably be even harder to map all the functions 1 might want, into their setup.

    Another thing I would love to see is BPM detecting on a "live input deck" and the ability to capture loops with the remix deck from that live input.
    This would make vinyl sampling for example a lot more fun! But this might be a way to big update to work on. Until then there's always the loop recorder to do this.

    Thanks for your time!
  2. dj_estrela

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    Some of these requests have been on this sub-forum for years....
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    Create two generic midi devices.

    map Flux mode and output it into a modifier of second mapping device.

    Congrats, you created a Flux Mode Modifier :)