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Modwheel getting stuck in kontakt?

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by StarSMASH, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. StarSMASH

    StarSMASH NI Product Owner

    i have both of my modwheels in maschine mapped. cc1 mapped to pitchbend and cc2 (the other modwheel i believe) mapped to an LFO. I am trying to switch functions using a guitar to modwheel the pitch (using cc1) while using the LFO as a whammy bar (cc2) simultaneously, but when i release cc1 and increase cc2 together at the same time (manually bringing cc2 all the way down while cc1 automatically springs to the 0 value), cc1 gets STUCK in kontakt and it stays on the higher value . i have to touch cc1 to manually reset it and i can't record what i want to because it seems like using both cc1 and cc2 in this manner is too much for kontakt or komplete kontrol to handle.

    does this happen to anybody else? This is the only instance in which these modwheels do not work correctly, so i doubt it is a hardware problem although it is not outside the realm of possibilities.

    edit- i realize my mistake in my verbiage and i am not using midi, but maschine instance. either way, it happens in both. The left wheel is the pitchwheel which does not reset while the right wheel is the modwheel that i manually change. The pitchwheel gets stuck when i simultaneously manipulate the modwheel. i am using KKMK2s88
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