Mouse near bottom of screen

Discussion in 'Technical Issues - KOMPLETE (Archive)' started by ehdyn, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. ehdyn

    ehdyn NI Product Owner

    It seems difficult to alter parameters near the bottom of the users screen.. in a "downward" fashion.

    If a knob is placed near the bottom of the screen.. on a blocks patch for instance or while trying to adjust the Morph/Random slider it's very difficult or impossible to reduce a value without traversing upwards first.

    I've tried to work around this issue by placing empty blocks beneath patches but it's using the viewing frustum to determine the boundaries of mouse movement. Anyway we can change this so people can use Reaktor for live performances?

    Also, I'd really like to be able to move the morph/random slider back to it's original location on top of the presets..