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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by The Assistant, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. The Assistant

    The Assistant NI Product Owner

    What I am missing is a perfect tool for managing your music.

    As music libraries grow bigger the more important it is to have a proper tool to keep yourself organized.

    This is how I do it:

    - Buy track from wherever
    - Auto rename track from ID3-tag with MusicRenamer
    - Have Mixed in Key 4 analyze the key and tag the files
    - Use iTunes to create play lists and organize genres
    - Drag and drop from play lists and to folders

    TSP and iTunes are not best friends as both myself and others has stated in other posts - and TSP is missing far to many features to use by itself (also see other posts in the TSP forum).

    So here is my idea:

    Create a stand alone application that looks somewhat like iTunes and the music management system in Traktor merged together.

    These are the features:

    - Can read all music formats used by DJ's
    - A proper tagging feature that doesn't screw up your files
    - File renamer where you can rename in whatever way you like based on the tag
    - Create folders on your hard drive
    - A very fast preview player, no A or B decks
    - Proper rating of tracks
    - Create custom color codes you can embed as cover art (some users are already experimenting with it) and use it to rate energy level
    - Be able to drag and drop tracks from everywhere inside the GUI
    - Ability to copy play lists and play list folders (To create templates)
    - A "backup" function where you just press a button and the application creates a backup of your music folders and play lists to wherever you want.
    - Key analyzer

    Every change you do to file structure, play lists, tags and so on are instantly read by TSP - in other words it works flawlessly with your Traktor music collection.

    There are probably some features I am missing here so feel free to add.

    I want this and I want this yesterday - I will gladly pay whatever to have this all-in-one tool.

    There already is a software called Beatport Player but I don't think it can do all of this. If it does I am an idiot

    Anyway ...good idea or bad idea?

    EDIT: I might have posted this thread in the wrong place, if so I'm sorry
  2. Marc_Tf

    Marc_Tf NI Product Owner

    great idea.. Add normalizer too.. Lossless..
  3. The Assistant

    The Assistant NI Product Owner

    + These features:

    - Create and save hot cue and loops
    - Edit beatgrids
  4. DJ_AJ

    DJ_AJ NI Product Owner

    +1 here for me too!

    However, I'd like to see one other thing added... One of THE only reasons why I have put up with iTunes thus far because of it's "Smart Playlists",,, they really help me quickly sort through my collection via genre/sub genres/grouping, ect...

    Here's a set of GREAT tips on using this feature in iTunes posted on DJ Tech Tools http://www.djtechtools.com/2008/12/05/itunes-power-tips/#more-946

    Any music player/manager MUST also have this feature built into it before I even take a second look at it.
  5. The Assistant

    The Assistant NI Product Owner

    Nice. I haven't tried that yet. Do you know of a tool where I can select a whole folder and tag every file there with a custom genre?
  6. Anselm.

    Anselm. Forum Member


  7. The Assistant

    The Assistant NI Product Owner

  8. GarySan

    GarySan NI Product Owner

    Well this is a great idea!

    But i think it will never gonna happen, cause it wouldn't even be considered by NI as a product but only as a tool, and Ni would have a huge work to do some piece of software that work better than itunes.

    Plus i think they have enough work to do to make TP a good product (seriously, those last announcements of mashine and stuff scares me more and more : i really begin to feel that NI has Apple for model for marketing approach but developps software like microsoft).

    So my question is why not directly make a better itunes integration?
    And of course put the key setting in the analysing process (this would be awesome).
  9. The Assistant

    The Assistant NI Product Owner

    Because iTunes is far far far from perfect itself.

    I guarantee you there is a marked for such a tool. Just look at the effin Cover Art tools thread. It's loaded with tips of different apps.

    The one that creates the software I'm talking about will without a doubt make money.

    As far as I'm concerned, music management is a part of the problem with TSP.
  10. NReek

    NReek NI Product Owner

    m4a (aac) tag full compatibility, please. Mixed in key is not able to store key tags into m4a files. traktor is not able to show the bitrate of these files. mp3 tags are rubbish, unsecure, volatile. there's always confusion about when a program is reading v1, or v2.whatever.

    i don't want to hear about limitations. i want to see it work properly!

    sick of having to deal with that kind of stuff. (sorry, i've had to regurgitate it all here)
  11. GarySan

    GarySan NI Product Owner

    Yep, but for me it's far to be the most reliable, usable software to manage, tag and share your music in the same time...And i'm not even talking about airtunes and ipods or the music store now that they finally have drop those sh**ty DRMs.
    Of course there are ways today to get out of the jail if it feels like this for you, but honeslty on a mac they always feel exotic and eratic (i love songbird and its approach toward music, but it's still awfully slow and buggy).
    Plus the new wall of covers in itunes 8 makes it a definitive winner for me (and i think TP should show the collection in the same way as its so much more quicker to browse a huge one with this cover view, even if i think there must be some patents blocking the way...).

    I agree so much with you...By only developping the effects section and other features, they somehow forgot that the only real thing that make a dj is the music. And having a really strong tool to manage a big collection to sort everything out before the show is as far as important as the effects ...

    +1 here too
  12. djstowy

    djstowy NI Product Owner

    I do not care too much about the images, but have the same challenges as you all as I like to use iTunes for file management and Traktor for performing.

    It is disturbing to read the id.x tag issues because once i figure out how to easily manage, and sync between PC and Mac, I will be adding Mixed in Key tags too....

    I swear it was easier when I ju
    ---wow my Mac freaked. here is the rest of my comment...

    I swear it was easier when I just had my scratch amp, traktor and my 1200's. I am thinking of moving back to that somewhat too. It was less stressful then.
  13. Tocamac

    Tocamac Forum Member

    Good idea.

    +1 here too
  14. Patrick Bateman

    Patrick Bateman Forum Member

    Yeah music management is definitely the biggest issue with traktor and I find myself spending a good amount of my time DJing scrolling and searching through music and it is frustrating.

    I gave up on the traktor music library thing a while ago and I used to just browse through sorted artist>album folders in windows and dragging and dropping. My music collection is huge and ever since I got a Xone 1D I have been trying to use it with traktor to browse and toggle though directories as opposed to using the track collection.

    I have like 5 external hard drives and find myself always managing my music folders outside of traktor manually and with the assistance of programs to organize tracks into artist and folders but it still isn't enough and I need to figure out a better solution because it doesn't look like there will be any huge improvements for a while.
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