My Top 7 needed features for Battery

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by NIMichi, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. NIMichi

    NIMichi NI Product Owner

    I only using battery for my drums, it is well-done with its cells.
    But there are some stuff which annoyes me or features I miss:
    7.a step sequencer which can trigger samples or can modulate parameters as you want with smooth control
    6.the modulators could be flexible graphs with as many breakpoints as you want, smooth control and can also act like an envelope
    5.Formant shifter
    4.PLEASE dont change the selection of cells if I change Single/Mute!
    3.resonator which can simulate different materials as an effect. with this you can sclupt inside Battery your samples more versitale
    2.defining different start points inside a sample or loop which can be triggered random/round robin or with a modulator
    1.for me most important: a trigger delay synced or in ms, with this you can trigger samples delayed

    The bolt ones are feature requests which are more easy to implement very soon. I have another drum machine which can do that. but it has not the handy cells which are important for me.