Native Instrument DSP-Card????

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Freddie H, Nov 16, 2006.

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  1. Freddie H

    Freddie H NI Product Owner

    Hi Native Instrument!

    A Suggestion to Native Instruments before the Release of Reaktor 6 or any other Instrument!
    All your Instruments are CPU-demanding except Kontakt 2!

    Why don’t you build a DSP card just for your CPU demanding Natives Products?

    You have already made Kore and Audio Kontrol! Why not make a Native Instrument DSP-Card to all your CPU-demanding products that work in the PCI-Express slot?

    Think about all the hugged possibilities with a NI-DSP-Card if it was available!!!
    That will Rock the Bandit!!!!

    The Best Regards

  2. Kymeia

    Kymeia NI Product Owner

    I guess they would have to change the company name though eh? ;)
  3. Mr-Emulator

    Mr-Emulator NI Product Owner

    I just recently read an interwiev with someone from NI where they also spoke about such things since they allready developed one for internal use back in the days when they were pretty unknown. But the NI guy seemed not to like the idea because DSP cards become obsolete pretty fast since the useres main system, the PC, advances pretty fast too. This means that maybe in a years time or so you could run most of the stuff without that DSP card you would need now.
  4. Soarer

    Soarer NI Product Owner

    Exactly Mr-Emulator! Well said.
    I think those people who have a dual core processor have no problems with cpu. I would be free of cpu problems if I had a dual core processor. So I hope They never make such a card.
  5. EX_

    EX_ New Member

    No, no, no.

    Plugs will always find a way to maxout systems. Especially NI ones!
  6. Jose Maytin

    Jose Maytin New Member

    good idea but...

    i like the idea but in 2008 we are on the verge of seeing the first generation of quad core-laptops (you can actually allready buy one now but it runs $4,000)

    also Apple is leading the way with their 8-core tower
    (this machine is actually price competive with PC's !)
    usually their hardware carries an 80-85% premium over pc hardware

    If Native Instruments wants to remain "Native" they need to optimize their line to use ALL RAM AND ALL CPU's on a system,

    that means everything has to go FULL VISTA 64 BIT
  7. leinad

    leinad NI Product Owner

    I thought about that when reaktor 5 came out, the changes they made seemed to point towards dsp development in the sense that Reaktor would become a IDE (Integrated Development Environment, like Visual Studio is used to code programs, Reaktor could be used to code small modules which then could be used to configure a DSP).

    But imagine offloading an instrument onto a nVidia GPU, which could become possible thanks to CUDA, and having the Reaktor GUI as an front end to the instrument on the GPU.

    I guess that will happen in 4-5 years.
  8. mezzurias

    mezzurias NI Product Owner

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