New to TRAKTOR, can't see my track keys in Browser

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    Hi all,

    Am new here! I just got TRAKTOR LE via bundled software with a Numark Mix Pro the other day, and after a few hiccups got that up & running, and was particularly pleased to see a column containing key info for each track (seemingly regardless of whether it was in my itunes library or not, i.e. whether it was imported from a generic 'my music' file) as I'm bit of a fan of harmonic mixing. However, I've upgraded now to TRAKTOR 2.0 PRO, gone through the manual set-up, especially regards the browser, and can't see a key column anywhere.

    Just to say:
    1. Key information for certain tracks is showing up in the decks after uploading tracks there, presumably once they've been analysed (am in the process of doing a full analysis, and made sure key info was ticked in the options in the analysis tabs, with BPM, beatgrids etc).
    2. I have seen some posts mentioning that key info will be displayed in the browser columns once all imported tracks have been analysed. Is that definitely the case? i.e. will a column then appear like in LE between bpm and rating? Seems a bit weird that even while importing the keys for all tracks were displayed in LE in a browser column, but not in 2.0 PRO.

    I have double and triple checked the options in the 'browsers' tab in the preferncesw menu, and there is no space for 'key', only: show preview player, cover art, playlist favourites, track info (with no obvious option to edit this) and status bar. I see that in the preferences menu in both LE & 2.0 in 'analyse options' it has the same options to display the key in Traktor and the file tags.

    am I missing something really obvious here, or is this a difference between LE & 2.0? I think I get that the way all software reads keys is through the file tags..but I don't think anything has changed in my file tags in itunes and elsewhere since upgrading to 2.0.

    If anyone can think of a fix round this I'd be very grateful. This is now the 4th day trying to get my PC (new laptop VAIO, 4GB, Intel core i5, although I did previously have LE on my desktop PC as my laptop being windows 8 had several issues with things!), TRAKTOR, my Numark & itunes all co-ordinating and working ok so my brain is a bit frazzled. I was going to buy Mixed In Key, but searches online seem to indicate similar problems with that interfacing with TRAKTOR.

    Any help very gratefully received, ta!