Newcomer is looking for suitable hardware for DJ equipment

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by Cusy, Jan 15, 2021.

  1. Cusy

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    Hi there,

    I'm looking for suitable hardware to start as a hobby DJ.
    Unfortunately I have no experience with DJ hardware,
    I have already tested the Traktor software (demo) which I like very much! (Traktor Pro 3)

    I have some questions about this that came up while searching for hardware.
    Since I only own CDs and digitally purchased music right now, I would need a mixer and CD or turntable.

    I would like to start oldschool with vinyl, that's when I came across Timesync / Digital Vinyl!
    From several recommendations, I would now like to buy tractor hardware, but unfortunately I don't yet know what exactly I need.

    I would like to start with 2 turntables and Timesync Vinyl,
    but I would like to expand it, i.e. maybe a switch to real vinyl and / or CD player.
    An extension from 2 to 3 turntables or 2 turntables and 2 CD players would be considered here.

    I have not yet fully understood what is necessary with the Timesync and how I can / must do then connect it. :(

    I found the Traktor Scratch A6 product, which I find actually very good,
    here is also included the purchase version of the Traktor Pro 3. :)
    Since I have neither a mixer or a turntable / CD player,
    I am not sure whether this is the right choice, especially because it only supports 2 devices CD or turntable. :(

    While searching, I came across the following products:
    Tractor control Z2 (only Mixer)

    Tractor control S4 (Mixer with Jogwheels) ->How can i play music without Traktor Software? Only with external turntable oder CD?
    Or can Music conneted with usb-stick or input an CD into the Panel,...

    And tractor control S8.(only Mixer with more IN and Outputs)

    I think the other products are not for me because I might want to be able to can play also without any software products at the time.
    (real vinyl or CDs)

    Now to my questions:
    1. If I buy the Kontroll S8 and 2 turntables, can I get started right away when I buy "TRAKTOR SCRATCH MK2 CONTROL VINYL" or
    is the external sound card from the Traktor Scratch A6 necessary?
    If this is necessary, how i must connect these products together?
    2. How would that look like with the other products, Kontroll S4 or Kontroll Z2?
    The next question would be, if I buy the Kontroll S8 and still need the Scratch A6, i
    have the software with both products (included in the price) would it gives then a price reduction?
    I doesen't need this software then twice!
    Or would there be a better combination in terms of price?

    If I would opt for the Scratch A6 and an external mixer with 2 turntables,
    do I still have the option of controlling more devices than just these 2 turntables using a tractor or is there an additional product that could make that possible?

    Sorry for these many maybe stupid questions, but I'm brand new here and unfortunately don't know my way around very well.
    Since there is a lot going on here on the market,
    I hope to get some great answers so that I don't have to buy 5 things for free and / or
    spend money that I could, for example: spend on vinyl or CD's. :)

    Thank you and best regards
  2. Almaz

    Almaz NI Product Owner

    what is your budget?
  3. Cusy

    Cusy New Member


    I thought of 2 technics SL-1210GR turntables but I'm not quite sure if they are a bit exaggerated for beginning.
    For the mixer I would have expected around 1000€.
    All including accessories, would then be around 3000-4000 €uro.
    And as I said before I would want to start oldschool with vinyl as timesync variant.

    I hope this is enough for the budget, but since I'm still new and unfortunately have no idea about it, I'm not sure. :(

    What do you spend on average on it? ;)

    Okay and well, for the time being, I would like to use my existing 5.1 home theater from Teufel (Ultima 40) with a Denon AV receiver. I can address this with Cinch.

    Thank you and best regards