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Discussion in 'STUDIO FX' started by Kelley, Jul 6, 2014.

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    I recently updated my pro tools 11 and I'm not even sure if it was successful. Every time I open a project, a message pops up saying that some of my plugins (AIR Enhancer(1); AIR Kill EQ (1); AIR Vintage Filter (1); Battery 4-AAX (2); FM8 (2); Kontakt 5-AAX (4)) were made inactive because they could not be found in the plugins folder. I am currently in the middle of working on a project for someone, and the past couple days, I have been unable to work on a production because of this issue.
    What can I do to fix this issue?
  2. jackn2mpu

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    Do you think you could give us more info on your system - like are you on Windows or Mac and which operating system are you running? You can never give too much info when posting about a problem. If on a Mac look at this path: MacHD/library/application support/Avid/audio/plugins and the plugins should be there. If not look in the unused plugins folder and if they are there move them back to the other folder. Do this with PT closed. Depending on what version of OSX you're on the Library folder may be hidden - Google for how to make it visible.

    Something I would do is to trash preferences and databases before doing the check above and see if the problem persists and then do what I wrote. For how to do that the DUC is a good reference. Here's a link to a thread on the DUC; look at post 47 from Pete Gates and there's a link in his sig file for the Mac utility to do this:
    and here's a link to a thread about the one for Windows (it's by guitardom and called Trasher):

    I'm curious - what's the number in parentheses mean?

    You could also try posting about this in the DUC.