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    If you are currently running Mac OS 10.9 or 10.10:

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NI Service Centre & Unable to Activate Traktor LE Fix

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR LE / TRAKTOR ME' started by DJ Attila, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. DJ Attila

    DJ Attila NI Product Owner

    Hi All,

    I just want to share my fix for Traktor activation, which worked for me.

    I recently purchased the Numark Omni Control and installed Traktor LE (Mac). When I tried to activate Traktor I would get stuck in the Service Centre's "infinite loop" and was unable to activate the program.

    I downloaded Native Instruments Service Center 2.2.0 for Mac OS X from here:
    and installed the program straight up (no uninstall of the previous Service Centre etc).

    The new service centre loaded, requested my details, and successfully activated my Traktor. For some reason the version that came on the Traktor disc with the controller just did not work.

    Hopefully this helps anyone else having the same issue!
  2. pvik

    pvik New Member


    I had a similar problem. but i managed to get the activation file.

    Did you have a problem with your midi mapping? and even the led mapping. after some time of using the controller the mapping went haywire.

    if you had the same problems please advise on how to solve it.

  3. DJ Attila

    DJ Attila NI Product Owner

    Hi pvik,

    I didn't experience any wayward controller issues, but I did re-apply the controller .tsi for my Numark Omni Control, which might I add is functional but has some noteable deficiencies as standard. It's off to midi-mapping school from here!

    Did you re-apply the .tsi appropriate for your controller?
  4. pvik

    pvik New Member

    i tried everything..im using traktor 3LE which is the standard software that came with my omni control. but the thing is that some led's light up randomly and those buttons dont work. even after i exit the software the lights are on. numark have not yet replied to my mail. i have the latest usb drivers from the net.

    just hope it aint a hardware problem.
  5. NewBlood

    NewBlood New Member

    Numark seems to take their time when it comes to replies. I'm also disappointed to see Native Instruments' lack of involvement here on their own board. I guess that's how it goes with faceless corporations.
  6. kloseline

    kloseline Forum Member

    Whats your problem?
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