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    A significant number of artists, composers and producers that use the NI suite of software and hardware do so under the constraint of deadlines
    that are designated by clients or a release date etc.

    In my opinion, it is unreasonable to purchase a product and either not receive all of the content or be confronted with the inability to install the product in the designated location. I am a Client of Native Instruments. The requirement to sift through an index of articles and forums is not support. In addition, waiting for days and days for a response from a service ticket is equally unacceptable.

    I utilize a significant amount of NI products and have spent thousands of dollars with the company. In fact I own a majority of the products offered; both hardware and software and I should be considered a valued client. The NI offering is marketed very well and is very appealing. My suggestion would be for this business to step up the client support so that those of us that use the products have confidence in providing recommendations and endorsements to others with regard to it's use.

    I do not have a habit of spending my time on forums or complaining about service, so this post is an anomaly for me. I have consulted the articles and forums in order to solve this issue on my own....At the moment I am waiting to install a product that I would like to use on a project, however I get the dreaded
    Native Access Error Message: "Library path is not valid. Please browse again."
    I do not have this issue with other manufacturers and I own hundred of software plugins.
    Thank you.

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  2. ShelLuser

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    "It doesn't work" isn't a comment anyone can work with.

    Instead of going on about how much you spend on NI products (which is really not interesting at all because spending more or less doesn't make you anymore (or less) special than any other customers) it would have been more useful if you'd explained a bit more about what exactly you're trying to do.

    You're trying to install a library, what library? What product?

    It almost sounds to me as if you bought a 3rd party NKS compatible instrument, tried to set this up in Native Access and are now turning to NI for support while you should be contacting the party who sold you the instrument instead. Of course... this is merely a guess on my part because at this time that's all I can do.


    Looking at your screenshot again I finally noticed "Smack" which is something I'm not familiar with.... Googled it, and what do you know... Bigfishaudio Smack. Yah, this is not something Native Instruments can help with perse: you bought an external instrument which is to be used with Kontakt, but that's also where the whole thing ends. It's those Bigfish guys you need to turn to for support because they sold you the product, and they can tell you how you should authorize it.

    However, I bought my share of 3rd party Kontakt instruments as well and generally speaking this is how you should approach it:
    • Install the product in a specific location, one which you will be able to find later.
    • Open Native Access and supply the product code which the seller gave you, this should add the product to Native Access.
    • Click the "Library" button (or whatever it's called) behind the product name and then point Native Access to the location where you installed the previously mentioned instrument.
    Then you should be able to open Kontakt and find the instrument in there.

    But once agian... this isn't necessarily a NI problem because they didn't have much to do with this installation process.

    Hope this can help you out.
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    Thank you for your comment. I know how the libraries and content are installed, but thank you for taking a moment to offer the advise. I disagree. NI has everything to do with the installation.

    I am not attempting to be interesting. Yes, this is third party plugin that has a serial number and requires Native Access activation. This is not the first time I've had the issue and each time it requires multiple emails back and forth with customer support and then often it has never been resolved. I have had numerous problems with libraries that will not install in the designated location. It sounds like you don't have an issue with customer support at Native Instruments. That is good for you. In my personal experience I have found that NI does not have an effective support platform that serves the customer base and I do not experience this issue with other manufacturers. I do not find the "wizard "platform helpful and if the articles on this issue provided a solution, the problem would be solved by now because I would rather identify the problem myself rather than contact anyone.
  4. ShelLuser

    ShelLuser NI Product Owner

    As I mentioned... Those Bigfish dudes sold you the instrument and as such that's the first place to turn to for support, not necessarily Native Instruments.

    I know you don't agree, fair enough, byt my reasonign is that NI didn't set up the installation process for the instrument, that was done by the developer. And something tells me that NI can't keep track of every developers installation process. The only part where NI gets "involved" is when you add the code to Native Acces, then point it to the right location after which you can "install" the product.

    If that last step fails then it's most likely an issue of pointing N.A. to the wrong location which can easily happen depending on how the installation process went. A common issue here is that if you point the installer to a specific folder then it could have created a subfolder in there which is the actual product. So if you then point NA to the first folder it'll fail, but point it to that sub-folder....
  5. Matt @ NI

    Matt @ NI NI Team NI Team

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Did you send our team a message regarding your issue already? If so, please share your ticket number via PM :thumbsup:

    I understand that running into issues is frustrating but I have to say that our support is actually pretty effective atm. Let's take installation issues for example, we have currently an average reply time of 24 business hours and that is because we're in the peak of our sale.
    We also have a self-help article regarding the issue here: Native Access Error Message: "Library path is not valid. Please browse again."
    If these steps did not work and you didn't not start a support ticket, I would encourage you to do so and we'll make sure you get assistance right away.
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    Looking at your screenshot, it looks like you have spaces in your filename paths, which experienced composers and folks know not to do. Unless the screen shot is wrong, did you try installing to different location? Also, looked like you had double space before word content in path.

    best practiced for sample library paths would be

    And not
    Sampledrive/PROJECT /my project. Folder