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No Battery 4 Controls

Discussion in 'KOMPLETE KONTROL SERIES' started by Franswami, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. Franswami

    Franswami NI Product Owner

    Hello to all.
    I own my S49 with K10 for a couple of months now and I am getting slowly used to it. Mainly because the updates and improvements are future based. Up till now this works fine but very slow. My point is: I do not have any rotary controls or page selects for battery 4 on my S49 within Komplete Kontrol. Not as a plugin. Not in stand alone. The light guides, preset buttons, smartplay etc. is all working fine. But for other controls like effects, master, modulation etc. I stil have to use a mouse (using W7)...............hello...........a mouse. :oops:
    On the Battery 4 forum I do not find any answers for this phenomenon. :(
    Am I the only one with this handicap? Or is this situation also future based updated?
    Please can anyone shine a light on this!

    Season Greetings
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  2. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator


    You are correct, there are no controls.

    in addition, the integration with Maschine 2 is also underwhelming. clearly NI have not worked out a concept of how to do this :(

    i have no idea whether this will change in the future.


    Master Volume is Shift + the Navigate knob - al long as you have updated your Firmware and are using 1.1.

  3. Franswami

    Franswami NI Product Owner

    Hallo Sowari,

    Yes. All the latest updates are working fine.
    Komplete 10 should be working flawlesly with KK Keyboards.
    This obviously not the case with Battery 4.
    I am not amused that NI did not sofar upgrade and improved Battery controls.

  4. DJ Flip-U

    DJ Flip-U New Member

    I also have this issue when using Battery 4 in Komplete Kontrol. None of the control tabs (Main, Effects, Modulation, Setup, Editor, Master) appear but the light guide works.

    When loading Battery 4 directly to a track in Studio One 4, I do see the control tabs but the light guide doesn't work.

    How do I get the full functionality of Battery 4 when running it inside Komplete Kontrol please?
  5. Blindeddie

    Blindeddie Well-Known Member

    In Komplete control (Standalone) got to View --> Additional View, and you will see the Control Tabs. got to View --> Edit View and you will see the whole interface. As for the light guide, don't have that on my KB so I cannot comment.

    You should see default pages and controls but they are not mapped to anything by default, you must specify the mappings in the Automation Tab of the Battery browser (in KK you must be in the "View Edit" mode explained above). Create Host Automations, then drag them to the knob you wish to control through KK. If you are not seeing Pages (Named page 1, page2 etc.) or knobs (Named #000, #001 etc.) click the little lock icon on the top right and add a page, then add knobs as you see fit... Battery does require a bit of setup to work in KK (and Maschine) but once you get it set up, it works great.

    Happy Drumming!


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  6. DJ Flip-U

    DJ Flip-U New Member

    Hi Blindeddie

    Thank you so much for explaining this. I can see all the controls now after following your instructions. Much appreciated!

  7. blandroid

    blandroid New Member

    Thank you. I panicked for a second, there :D