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Novation Nocturn & Traktor3

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by DXIII, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. acidtension

    acidtension New Member

    Still having that "forgetfullness" after some time using novation, having to set things up again?
    or any other bugs w/ Traktor Pro / Scratch Pro ?
  2. iamscoby

    iamscoby NI Product Owner

    And the answer would be yes... minimal yes, but as the post says, it's a place to start.... I've been using the Nocturn with TSP and it works very nicely indeed...

  3. chooksonspeed

    chooksonspeed New Member

    Hi this has been a great thread but i'm still having some difficulty in getting Traktor 3 to even recognize my Nocturn controller. I have followed through the steps of switching on the Automap Active in Traktor, as well as turning on Automap Input and Output on the Nocturn settings. The problem is that the midi green light in Traktor does not even come on after this process, which must mean i'm doing something wrong somewhere. Any help is much appreciated.
  4. vagrant

    vagrant New Member

    yes, i'm afraid you are doing something wrong (as i did) - continuing to struggle with the nocturn. you have to ask what you could better be doing with your time (ie having fun mixing/ earning money/ getting laid etc etc)
    If you put it on ebay right now you might be able to make back some money and buy a controller that actually works. I plumped for a uc-33.
    Good luck.
  5. chooksonspeed

    chooksonspeed New Member

    Seeing as i'm not that great at mixing, making cash or getting laid I am going to keep my chin up and persevere with this little brat of a machine. I spent all last night mapping out the mixer and Malstrom in Reason 4 which worked just fine, until I opened up a new Reason file and the mapping DIDN'T load up for that new file :(
    That mini drama aside I find it very peculiar that the nocturn can receive and send messages to one program but not another.
  6. iamscoby

    iamscoby NI Product Owner

    WHich version of the Nocturn / automap installer are you using? When you say, 'can receive and send messages to one program but not another', do you mean that the traktor is simply not recieving signals in learn mode? This is an issue with a version of automap universal, though I cannot recall which one - I downloaded the newest driver and it was fine. The driver that causes HUGE issues with Traktor (um, the one I can't remember) does not allow the user to enable automap MIDI in preferences.

    OK, I know, not being able to specify the driver in question doesn't help but, you should have no issues with the latest i.e. 2.1.1234.6. It solved my issues certainly. That said, I have moved to TSP, though I would be amazed if there is a difference between TS3 and TSP on this point.
  7. chooksonspeed

    chooksonspeed New Member

    Yes I tried the version that comes with the Nocturn straight out of the box, 1.8 or something like that. Again that worked fine with Reason, Logic etc when assigning midi messages and using the Automap with Bass Station, Phoscynth, etc..However when I tried to assign midi data in Traktor eg, DeckFader assign CC1 Channel1 to the same channel and CC# on the Nocturn I would run into strife.
    So I upgraded to the latest Nocturn version (2.1.1234.6) but still no luck.
    Its quite frustrating as in the Traktor Preferences/Midi Interfaces/Midi in out, the ports are both active however their is no actual midi controller recognition.
    I've tried using both the Traktor learn mode and manual assignment of the midi messages but Traktor still wont recognize or receive any midi messages from the nocturn.
    Patients is a virtue.
  8. cycopath

    cycopath New Member

    Attention AnotherTraktorDJ,

    Just saw your post about having a working setup with Traktor 3.3 and the novation nocturn...

    Afraid I can't PM you because of NI's STUPID forum rules where you dont get to PM anyone unless you've made 20 posts.

    I have a PowerPC Mac so the latest version of traktor i can use is 3.3. Do you still have those automap files and maybe a matching traktor .tsl file?

    Maybe you could PM me (that should work) and I'll give you my email somehow.

    Would be greatly appreciated if you could help me out!


    P.S are you finding automap to be any more reliable for you now than it was when you made that post?
  9. Disco Patrick

    Disco Patrick NI Product Owner

    Hey DXIII,

    Nice work on the flashing play buttons - that's a nice touch.

    There's one problem I'm having using these play buttons though, and I wonder if you're experiencing it too:

    Hit play and the deck starts playing, and the LED starts flashing. No problem so far. Now hit play again (to pause the deck). Sometimes the deck pauses, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it pauses, but it leaves the LED lit up, so I have to hit it twice to restart the deck.

    I'm wondering if it depends on the exact moment I hit the button, i.e. when it's lit or not lit. I've noticed that if I hit it when it's lit, then it pauses correctly. Is this because, at that moment, I'm switching the parameter value from 127 to 0, and sending this 0 value to Traktor, thus stopping the deck?

    As opposed to hitting it when it's not lit, thus switching the parameter value from 0 to 127, sending this 127 value to Traktor, which (rightly) interprets the value as 'carry on playing' and not 'pause'.

    I could be completely misleading myself here, but this seems a logical explanation at this point. Any thoughts anyone?
  10. Geiz

    Geiz New Member

    I still have problems with the Nocturn, quite the same as i had before.
    I was using Leopard but reverted back to tiger to see if that did anything but sadly enough it doesn't.

    I cant manage to keep the 'X' mark in place in Traktor's midi interface preferences. I can make the automap active, but then when i close the preference window and reopen it the 'X' in the active box is gone.

    I still use Traktor because that is the last version of Traktor that supports Final Scratch.
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