Novation Remote Zero SL and Traktor 3

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by palaeo-tech, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. palaeo-tech

    palaeo-tech NI Product Owner


    I've been playing Traktor with an Oxygen8 v2 for a bit but even with several MIDI pages find it quite limiting. I was considering the Remote SL Zero to be a more than viable alternative but thought it better to check and see if anyone has tried it out with Traktor yet and find what kind of results they have gotten.

  2. adonispoly

    adonispoly NI Product Owner

    Yeah i've looked at that as well but couldn't make my mind up, still can' gonna buy a cheapy Xsession Pro til something else comes out that i'm happy to lay out the big cash on ? I would be interested in hearing what anyone has to say about the remote zero sl though!
  3. kwonton412

    kwonton412 New Member

    I was in the same boat as you...originally starting messing around with traktor with my evolution, but purchased the remote zero sl last week for traktor and ableton. so far, it's def a huge upgrade in terms of usability with the sl, and being that the unit has so many knobs and faders, it makes mixing with traktor much more fun.

    I have volumes, tempo and fine tempos mapped to the faders, and eq's mapped to the finite knobs. I use the drumpads to trigger efx, but they might be better as pitch shifts. Where it gets weird is with slight pitch shifts as I have them mapped to the button controls on the right side. maybe someone out there can help me with this one, but ideally i would have like to activate the pitch in one direction or another when i have the button pressed down and released when i let go. Rather, it just acts as an on/off button so when i press it, the pitch shift stays down until i press the button again.

    One thing I wish the SL would do is display the name of the control i the screen above, but it currently does not do that. but then again, after finding your optimal setup, you'll probably memorize the entire layout by heart anyways.
  4. defresh_2000

    defresh_2000 Forum Member

    Mwahahah! Now you kids are playing with FIRE!

    I've been using the ZERO for around 7 months and really, REALLY like the layout of this controller.

    I've been using it as a 2-deck controller, but know Novation offers a 4-deck .tks on their website (baby steps, Doug...).

    I've mapped the 4 EQ's per channel to the finite knobs, with transport buttons mapped around them, use my drum pads as pitch nudges, sync and loops.

    As far as getting your LCDs to reflect your control, you need to download the template editor from Novation and then you can assign each control with a name which will appear when each row has a button/knob moved.

    I've so much to say about my trials and errors with this controller that I would be more than happy to help with personal queries. Feel free to PM me.

    I've gone so far as to print out custom sticker templates to place over the panels since the grey paint will start to fade with sweaty use. Good luck and happy Traktoring!
  5. jackcomplex

    jackcomplex NI Product Owner

    sl zero

    I also have a zero - had it for three weeks but i can already see how amazing it will be.

    can you tell more about how to get the template for a 4 deck controller? hows that work?

    also - i am a total noob at controllers - for many years i used two tables and a mixer for djing and i was also a super hardware geek and just started all laptop production. i guess you can say i have seen the light.

    so for my sake if any - please keep this post alive guys. i could and would be willing to learn anything you would all share.

    this week im going to start the whole beat grid thing.
    really excited for that.

    i guess my first questions should be...
    where do I start?
    whats the first thing I should do to get this rocking?
    do i have to set it all up from scratch or is there a template auto configuration or something?

    what is pitch shift used for if your beats are already matched with beat grids and autosync?

    again, sorry to be a tard and make this my first post and thank you for your time and knowledge.
  6. -dthree-

    -dthree- Forum Member

    I'm going to bookmark this thread since it looks like this might be a great multipurpose controller: traktor, live, logic, etc. Would be very cool if it had mackie or logic control mode, then I could use it in final cut and soundtrack also.
  7. jackcomplex

    jackcomplex NI Product Owner

    i dont know why but I am sooo lost here.

    i tried to load the templates and still - no control. if anyone here is willing to help me I would be forever in your debt.

    I would like to get my sl setup to controll T3 and i am 100% lost.
  8. HardcoreJunglist

    HardcoreJunglist NI Product Owner

    I am having a problem with my Zero SL where I have the absolute, relative, and internal features set to buttons and when a track is playing and I hit internal the pitch in traktor shoots all the way to the fastest. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks DJ BB
  9. nixego

    nixego Forum Member

    I'm with Jackcomplex.

    I'm finding the Novation documentation and instructions hard to understand.

    Like, the they need to be written and stored to the Novation or is it unnecessary? Or is it enough just to load the Traktor templates and the Novation should work?

    If someone could post how they got their Novation SL mapped with Traktor it would be of great help.

  10. chilly

    chilly Returning Customer

    Why doesn't your SL display the name of the control?

    You should probably use the Novation software, because I have no issues changing the name.

    read read read!
    I don't know what's so hard to understand.

    You have a fully customizable midi controller. Regardless if it's Novation, or M-audio, or Vestax or what.

    You can configure your controller to output specific midi notes. If you want to save that configuration, then you should write that template to the device.

    Pretty remedial stuff here guys.

    The problem I see is that people want to buy something they have seen someone else use, then expect the world to tell them how to use it. grrrrrrr

    You're not in High School anymore...and can't pass your class by cheating!
    I mean, you have NOTHING else specific to add?

    Have you properly loaded the controller on your system?
    Does Traktor see it?
    Have you set it up as a midi controller in Traktor?
    Have you tried to map anything?
    Does the Novation software see the device?

    I mean, seriously...if you want help, show us that you have tried stuff
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  11. nixego

    nixego Forum Member

    Okay so I spent an entire day (& night) getting intimate with my Novation 25SL and this is how I've got the controller and Traktor to work in tandem:

    1.) Go here and download the reMOTE Setup and Template Editor. Install them both.

    2.) Open Traktor 3, File...Midi Setup.

    Under MIDI In and MIDI Out you should see "Automap MIDI", "ReMOTE SL: Port 1", "ReMOTE SL: Port 2", "ReMOTE SL: Port 3".

    If you don't see them, make sure the Novation 25SL was plugged in before you start Traktor.

    Double-click each of those fields mentioned above to set them Active.

    3.) Now it's time to load the templates in for both Traktor and the Novation. This is the part that took me so long so I have shared my work below.

    First, it is good to understand what the templates actually do:

    The Traktor template has extension .tks and maps a key/button/knob/fader that you've moved on the Novation to a user-defined action in Traktor.

    The Novation 25SL template has the extension .syx and can be opened with the Template Editor you just installed. The main purpose of a Novation template is to assign what midi note/cc is assigned to which key/button/knob/fader on the Novation. But the main thing I used the Novation templates for is to simply label each key/button/knob/fader to what I had assigned it in Traktor. See the LED display up top? Of course you do. That's where the your titles you edit in the Template Editor will show up.

    Now if you look in the attached ZIP file, you'll see I have 2 syx files. Why? Because I ran out of keys/buttons/knobs/faders when I was assigning Traktor actions. The great thing about the Novation 25SL is that this isn't a problem. If you load 2 templates side-by-side to the Novation, you can switch between them as 'pages' by pressing 'Row Select' buttons - the leftmost and rightmost buttons associated with each row (the buttons with LEDs beside them).

    4.) So let's do that. On your Novation, from the center column of buttons under the glowing 'N' logo select "Play" mode. Press the Data/Select jog-dial until "Template" is selected. Scroll the jog-dial until you hit Template 34 (arbitrarily chosen) as shown on the LED display.

    5.) Open "Novation25SL-Traktor3-Page1.syx" in the Template Editor. You'll see what I've named each control. Don't worry, you can change these later but this will give you a starting point. Press the "Upload" button located beside the Novation logo. Quickly look at your Novation display to check that the template is being received.

    6.) The template is now temporarily loaded into the Novation's RAM. If you scroll away from this template, the upload will not be saved. To save it to memory press the "Write" button from the center column of buttons. The display changes to a naming page, but don't worry about naming it here, it's all named much easier via the Template Editor. So press the "Write" button once again to save the template. The display now reverts back to the template in "Play" mode. Done.

    7.) Let's load the second template (page) onto the Novation. Increment the jog-dial by one to Template 35. It is necessary that the template be plus-or-minus 1 from the template saved in step 6 to be able to use the 'Page Switch' function on the Novation.

    8.) Open "Novation25SL-Traktor3-Page1.syx" in the Template Editor. Notice that this template has different titles than the first template. Press "Upload". Check the Novation display to make sure it was received. Remember to press "Write" twice to save the template to memory. Done!

    9.) This is the cool part. Press a 'Row Select' button on the controller, the leftmost or rightmost buttons with the red LEDs beside them. Try the top-left one. Now press it again. See how the display changes? What you're doing is switching between Page 1 & 2 (Template 34 & 35) and the labels change accordingly. See the left-most number on the Novation display? That's what page you're currently on. Press any of the 'Row Select' buttons again and see this change between 1 & 2. Cool.

    *Note that switching between Pages changes the control assignments for the entire interface, not just that row. Always check what Page you're on to avoid triggering the wrong action in Traktor!

    10.) Phew. Still with me here? Almost there. Let's setup the Traktor assignments to match what we've loaded onto the Novation.

    Go to Traktor, File...MIDI Setup...from the left menu select MIDI Setup.

    From the bottom, click "Load" and open: "Traktor3-Novation25SL.tks"


    11.) Alright, so there's a bunch of crap loaded up now. If you're sharp you may ask what actions are mapped to what control exactly. For this I have included an Excel file in the attachment outlining the map and labels. You can print it and put it above your keyboard for quick reference.

    12.) Before you close that Preferences box scroll through that control list and notice that some assignments have MIDI Channel 1 (ch1) assigned and other have MIDI Channel 2 (ch2). All assigned to ch1 correspond to Novation template Page 1. Ch2 corresponds to Novation template Page 2. Cross reference a ch2 assignment in Traktor with that same MIDI CC# as found on Page 2 of in the Template Editor if you don't believe me.

    *Note: Some assignments in Traktor I didn't want to change if I scrolled through the Novation 'Pages' (Like Cue/Play, Cue/Pause, FX Knobs, Deck Volumes). In this case I kept the same title and kept ch1 for both Novation page templates.

    One sec, don't close that preferences box just yet. Notice at the top right a dialog called 'MIDI Page'. Remember what we did with the Novation pages and how you can switch between them? Well, you can do the software analogue of this with Traktor and assign a trigger on your Novation to switch between pages as defined in Traktor. I don't prefer this, however, because then you can't have the labels change on the Novation display.

    13.) Okay, you can now finally close the preferences window. Play around on the Novation and the values should change in Traktor. Wow.

    14.) To change an assignment to your personal preference you must do this:

    - In Traktor, under the MIDI Setup page, find the control you want to change. If it's not there, add it. Press 'Learn' and press the key/button/knob/fader you want to assign it to. Make sure you're on the correct Novation 'Page' as seen on the display (most Page 2 controls will trigger on MIDI ch2, as I defined in the Page 2 template).

    - Go to the Template Editor and locate the key/button/knob/fader you just assigned. Right-click and label it whatever you wish. Upload the template to the Novation. Press "Write" twice.

    - Update the Microsoft Excel map for your reference.

    There you have it. About 30 hours of my work.

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  12. chilly

    chilly Returning Customer


    Holy crap...that must have taken forever to write!

    Hats off to you...great post!
  13. nixego

    nixego Forum Member

    Well, I think it's a shame if you put in a lot of work and then don't put in the extra 5% to share it.
  14. stratocruzr

    stratocruzr New Member

    nice job laying it out really helped me get hooked back up after i reformatted drive. Thanks! only problem i have is getting the factory template from Novation. Searched all over site and could not find it anywhere. using template you provided for now but really liked the way i tweaked factory template (forgot to save before reformat oh well). Anyone have link for those templates?
    disregard, think i found it, novation put templates under the Remote SL product , i was looking for the Remote zero. Anyway wont be able to check it out till tomorrow but this should be it.
  15. leon2103

    leon2103 NI Product Owner

    Yeah this is really cool tutorial I think, and i used, first of all i want to say tnank you. But i have few questions; 1) where the coming --Traktor3-Novation25SL.tks-- file? Cause i used your files and works very well, but after that i need to change some controls on it, and i could change on traktor without problem, but on the novation display the name of function still was the old one, on the tutorual of yours. I tried to change this as you explain, the name changed but all the other controls is gone from the display on Novation.

    İs it possible this, first, ı can make all midi setup in Traktor like i used to, and then Navation Template editor can see this setup? and then ı could change just names? if its possible how? how can i make it?

    I confuse a little because on the template editor the files as like .syx. but on the traktor midi setup files is .tks, if i change something on the editor, (like yo did) ı have to equal vith novation and traktor, forexample we upload the files Novation25SL-Traktor3-Page1.syx to traktor, and then from traktor we choose Traktor3-Novation25SL.tks file from your zip file, how could you create this two files separate? When i chance something in novation Remote zero, i have to show that to traktor with .tks file, but novation editor cant create file like this? isnt it?

    Sorry, my english is not good, thats way maybe i could wrong but i think you will understand me.

    Also i tried change the names one by one from traktor and novation but this is too confusing and long job for me. thank you.
  16. de wouzer

    de wouzer NI Product Owner

    only thing I really don;t understand is how to set these enless knobs (rotatory) on a way it's easy to use them. They really don;t feel intuitive to me.

    ps. on ableton forum there is a very nice new topic about this controller
    I use my bitstream for faders and eq (and ableton at the same time, with filters)

    And i use my sl37 for 3 decks (maybe soon I will use it for 4, but now I don't need it).
    the 16 knobs I use for my effects,
    the keys:
    c = set loop
    d= move loop left (1 length)
    e = move loop right (1 length)
    c# = move loop left (slowly move the loop)
    d# = move loop right (slowly move the loop)
    f = loop length 4
    g = looplength 16
    a = looplength 32
    f#= eff button 1
    g#= eff button 2
    a#= eff button 3 (I don;t use eff. button 4)
    b= loop active

    and the 2 rows of buttons directly under the sliders i use for beat jumps (4 beats and 32 beats fw and bw for every deck) (4 decks if I want to)

    the faders I use to select effects. max of every fader ends at an amound of midi output so that it will select an effect. (so that it will be easy to select exactly the right effect).
    only thing I really don;t understand is how to set these enless knobs (rotatory) on a way it's easy to use them. They really don;t feel intuitive to me.
    macbook13', 1.88 gHz, 2 Gigram, audio8, bitstream 3x(midi mixer), novation sl37 (midi keyboard), traktor 3.3, ableton 7
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  17. de wouzer

    de wouzer NI Product Owner

    oops... i use novation sl 37
  18. nixego

    nixego Forum Member

    Maybe this will clarify:

    To change a control in this setup I do the following:

    1. I map out what it is I want in Excel before I change anything. This gives me an idea of what the new control layout will look like

    2. I open the Novation Editor and change the titles to what I have in my Excel map. You never have to fiddle with the CC numbers in the Novation Editor if every button/fader/knob is assigned to an original CC, because then there are no conflicts. Again, I use the Novation Editor for titles only (and sometimes to set button type like toggle, momentary, etc).

    At this point I upload the Novation templates to the unit as described in steps 4-5-6 in my tutorial above.

    3. Now I go to Traktor...Midi Setup.

    It is important to understand what you are doing at this point as you assign Traktor functions to buttons/knobs/faders.

    When you press 'Learn', Traktor listens for a MIDI signal from the Novation (whatever CC that button is set to in the Novation Editor .syx file) and assigns your chosen function to it. This is the only link that exists between the .syx and .tks file.

    So remember:

    .syx = Novation Editor Template file (ie what MIDI CC your controller sends to Traktor when certain buttons/knobs/faders are activated)

    .tks = Traktor MIDI Assignments file (ie what Traktor should do when it receives a certain MIDI CC from the Novation controller)

    The link between .syx <-> .tks is made manually by using the 'Learn' function in Traktor...MIDI setup.

    4. Okay I then save the .tks file.

    All my .syx files (I have 3 because I have 3 'pages' or 'layers' on my Novation because I have more Traktor assignments than available buttons/knobs/faders on my controller) are linked to the one .tks file. You don't need more than one .tks file.

    I have included my latest Traktor-Novation maps.

    In my previous tutorial I omitted a step about how I created multiple 'pages' or 'layers' with the included.syx files. When you open the.syx files in the Novation Editor, from the menu go Template...Template Settings...'General' tab. See the 'Size' and 'Position' values? If you want 3 layers on your Novation controller, set 'Size' equal to 3 and 'Position' equal to 1, if this is the first page. For the second page, keep 'Size' equal to 3 but make 'Page' equal to 2. Etc..

    Follow the upload instructions as given in steps 7-8-9 of the previous tutorial.

    Hope this helps and doesn't confuse more.

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  19. leon2103

    leon2103 NI Product Owner

    Thans nixego, you are great! Thank you very much!
  20. mishmashmole

    mishmashmole NI Product Owner

    Nixego: I'm sure there are and will be many people who appreciate your work. Well done sir.

    I had a slightly different approach in that I started from scratch.

    - I used an empty template in the Remote and removed all the existing midi assignments in Traktor.
    - I then took one control at a time and used midi learn to assign it. I use an external mixer and decks so I only have around 25 functions assigned.
    - I then used dumped the template to the template editor and changed the names of each control.

    My Novation remote sl25 sat unused for a few months before I took a couple of days to really go through it and try to learn. Once I spent the time it didn't seem as daunting.
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