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Pioneer CDJ's + Traktor - disable stutter and Override factory mapping.

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by djgoosh, May 30, 2015.

  1. djgoosh

    djgoosh NI Product Owner

    So i've been using Traktor a lot with CDJ-400 and CDJ-2000 NXS and the default mapping is a little annoying.
    When using CDJ mode rather than Vinyl mode the Player acts like we're using CD's. We're in the year 2015. no one actually uses this stutter mode to find the first beat! There's snap to grid, and other people can zoom in to find the first beat. the stutter mode is really useless and forces you to use Vinyl mode which is nice but sometimes can be a little bit annoying.
    Also when using CDJ mode it always load a track to a loop and if you wanna prepare a loop and fire it up whenever you want - it always disables the loop!
    bottom line, using CDJ's with CDJ mode it quite impossible and doesn't make any sense.

    On the same subject, please let us override factory mapping ! for example, Previous and Next track buttons is really useless to me and can be set as a beatjump or jumping between HotCue's etc... I Think many would like to see that happening.

    Thank you,
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  2. Masterbit_Tf

    Masterbit_Tf NI Product Owner

    Agreed! Overriding the Previous-Next Track Buttons to make them usable for Beatjumps or Loopmoves sounds also very useful to me.
    So far i only used these two buttons while working with real CDs in CD-Mode without Traktor.

    in CD Mode these Buttons strongly make sense.
    While working with DJ Software like Traktor i always found this similar behaviour as annoying and would prefer to use them for something more important.

    Using the CDJ - Vinyl Mode Buttons for something else like Modifiers might be another nice feature.
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  3. Shivaxi

    Shivaxi New Member

    wait, so is there absolutely no way to override the factory mapping with the CDJ 900 Nexus? I've been scouring the internet for days trying to figure this out because I desperately want to remap the useless search and track search keys and set them as beat jumps. If this is impossible, I'm returning these things lol, utterly ridiculous they cannot be remapped when I can remap them just fine on my CDJ 400's.