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Please add Note-Retrigger to Battery 4

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by modular77, May 20, 2013.

  1. modular77

    modular77 NI Product Owner

    This was such a good and useful feature in Battery 3.
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  2. Airyck

    Airyck NI Product Owner

    +1 I just assumed it would be in Battery 4.... totally sucks that it isn't :angry:
  3. Ruari

    Ruari NI Product Owner

  4. Ripsta

    Ripsta New Member

    +100 I can't even rationalize why they left it out
  5. moises

    moises NI Product Owner

    i had post this and email them, they had wrote and said they will work on this to bring it back ..and still nothing ...why this feature isnt imported back? NI come on wtf ...stop waisting time on other stuff for now this should take u guys 1 day to adjust this codes to B4 from B3...I still rok with B3 for this feature ..good for 1/12 /24/ 32 on cl-hat and snare ..tr-808 beats
  6. ekd

    ekd NI Product Owner

    Just purchased the 4 upgrade and my mind is blown that this is missing. What are they thinking?
  7. Soarer

    Soarer NI Product Owner

    Just upgraded recently. Where is the quantize feature???
    I really need this when jamming, so please bring it back NI.
  8. djpatb

    djpatb New Member

  9. Church Santana

    Church Santana New Member

    Please Bring Back Re-Trigger Immediately!
  10. Michael O'Hagan

    Michael O'Hagan NI Product Owner

    I am so pissed off that retrigger is not there, how could they leave out a standard bread and butter feature like this, I've always loved NI products but it seems like they are dropping the ball lately.

    maybe they hired a new programmer who doesn't understand the musical usefulness of this feature or something, it just seems like such an amateur mistake.

    I seriously expect better than this from NI.

  11. JBlongz

    JBlongz NI Product Owner

    Still disappointed
  12. Sameer Sengupta

    Sameer Sengupta New Member

    Can't agree more. Just got Komplete 10U and cannot work out why this fave function of mine was removed??

    Any word NI?
  13. parrismc

    parrismc NI Product Owner

  14. JBlongz

    JBlongz NI Product Owner

    Maschine is simply their answer...It does note repeat so damn good....I guess they thought Battery users would crossgrade. Ironically, there is no dedicated drum plugin that does note repeat like Maschine. We're pretty much stuck...for now (until I get my C++ up to par with music applications).
  15. sikdrumz

    sikdrumz New Member

    Having just bought Battery 4 and THEN searched the net for how to make Trap-style hat rolls, I am really shocked that this feature is missing when it was previously included.

    Please can this module be re-instated ASAP? It's very disappointing to discover that it was removed...
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  16. _tc_

    _tc_ New Member


    ...four years later.

    Any updates here?
  17. JBlongz

    JBlongz NI Product Owner

    Seems there will be no update. They fulfilled it with Maschine. I don't agree with the method, but its a business. Maschine does it well, and they figure you'll be better off that way. If just for midi production, most DAWs now can easily paint repeats into a midi clip/region with keyboard shortcuts to change the time divisions. Hope you find the best workflow in the meantime.
  18. sikdrumz

    sikdrumz New Member

    No I'm sorry, this is not a reasonable argument.

    The 2 systems (Battery and Maschine) are not comparable.

    Maschine has an entry price of £280 sterling MINIMUM for the most basic model, with the standard model costing £480 and deluxe £640. It REQUIRES you to own the hardware controller in order to even download the software.There is no standalone software (if there was it might be fair to compare it with Battery...)

    Battery is a standalone software product costing £170 sterling, comparable with plugin synths such as Xfer Serum.

    The market for Maschine is completely different - it is people looking for a hardware beatmaking system akin to Ableton Push. It is not the market who are looking for a simple VST plugin instrument to use in their productions.

    Removing key features from Battery that are known to help produce the 'Urban styles' that the product is geared towards is a complete own-goal.

    If the intention is to force people to buy into Maschine just because they miss that feature, it won't work. In fact, it has put me off ever buying into Maschine at any level.

    I repeat, the note re-trigger function should be added back to Battery.

    For free.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2017
  19. JBlongz

    JBlongz NI Product Owner

    Its not an argument. Its their choice of business model. We have continuously communicated our desire for the feature's return, but they have their own mind to remove it in the first place. I feel sorry for anyone buying battery separately rather than through an older version of Komplete if cost is an issue. Perhaps you should contact support directly for more forward answer. These days it will be ignored on the forum.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2017
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  20. balletryne

    balletryne NI Product Owner

    Ok, will do my duty on this forum to add my vote to this thread.
    Totally madness they took away Note Repeat from Battery4.
    Please include this feature!