Please add VST3 thank you!

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Freddie H, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Freddie H

    Freddie H NI Product Owner

    Please add VST3 thank you!

    I'm surprise that Native Instruments haven't already?
    You are leader on all other kind of technology together with SOFTTUBE so its strange that you limp in this matter?
    Why haven't you add VST3 compatibility already? You can't say its no point only Cubase / Nuendo support it even though that should be enough of reasons.

    AAX support only Pro Tools 11 and that you have no problem to add. If I'm not mistaken there are more users on Cubase / Nuendo / Studio One, FL Studio + more...platforms that do support VST3 already then it are users on Pro Tools 11 or Pro Tools 10.

    As for today more and more DAWs support VST3 like Studio One etc. So its not just Cubase and Nuendo anymore.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Freddie H

    Freddie H NI Product Owner

    I don't know what you all talk about or WHAT NI IS WAITING ON?
    Seems pretty straight forward to me. No extra program skills needed to add a VST3.x format.

    Steinberg focus their efforts entirely on the development of VST 3. The latest SDK--------------> RENDERS SOFTWARES IN VST 3.x, VST 2.x and AU format.

    //Timo Wildenhain continues: "The VST interface is extremely popular throughout the world of music production and recording, and the latest enhancements in VST 3.6, such as Inter-App Audio compatibility, pave the way for an even wider acceptance."//
  3. musos

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    This forum says it is monitored by NI people.
    Maybe they are as fast asleep as the forum moderators who haven't yet updated the fact that FM8 is up to v1.3 and not still at 1.2.1 as stated in the "Official status update".

    You can possibly expect what you're asking for in 2015, in FM9 or maybe later in FM10 (which will both be paid updates)…..