Please make Maschine's sequencer give out midi notes to the host

Discussion in 'Feature Request Archive' started by donfuan, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. b-natural

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  2. Zac Kyoti

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    Disappointed to find that this isn't built in.
  3. gerry356

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    wish it was built in, in the first place!
  4. alien_brain

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  5. melmac69

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    and be able to record mutes and solos!
  6. JuanSOLO

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    I am amazed there is no midi out, of the sequencer in Maschine?:confused:

    This feature should be implemented ASAP
  7. zeoka

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    Maschine have a midi out guys (ok.... just one ! )
    but if you use vst inside maschine there is no midi output !

    Midi features lack that's sure
    I don't care about vst implementation , i use kore wich is so better......
    Like that i can record all notes and pattern changes that i want.

    Future version of maschine ( widely rebuilt ) with real midi features is planned
    but i don't know about date.
  8. Clickboy303

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    cosigned too!

  9. mrkatatonic

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    +1 for god's sakes. +1
  10. aimm

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    Though it would be MUCH more helpful if Maschine could manage it's OWN MIDI ports. So that it is independend to the MIDI ports of the host (i.e. look to how this plugins manage to be independend to the host).

    If your host doesn't support multi MIDI channels (like Ableton Live) a multi MIDI channel plugin version of Maschine isn't the solution - but with a independend technique (like Ctrlr) it could!
  11. topaz

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    bump on this, really maschine needs to host multi out vstis, but the next best workaround would be maschine sequencer midi out to host.

    then at least we can use multi out instruments like drum modules etc with maschine.
  12. Monolitsound

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    Is there any solution to this? Can I somehow record patterns from maschine to ableton midi patterns? It would really be a nice thing to do :( +1 for this topic!
  13. Uwe303

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    +1 would be great to record midi from maschine to daw :)
  14. anubeats

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  15. jbone1313

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    Is this fixed in 2.0?
  16. Uwe303

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    whxy that you can drag and drop patterns to ableton the problem with abeton and maschine is that you can´t selsct a midi channel if you want to make maschine play a few instruments in ableton as plugin, but both standalone it works and then you can record midi from maschine to ableton if you want

  17. Field Mouse

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    Maybe I'm misunderstanding the issue here but I still don't understand why this hasn't been addressed in 2.0?
    As a Logic user, I understand that Logic does not support MIDI out for AU plugins (unfortunately), but is there any technical reason why Maschine can't send MIDI out of its own physical MIDI out port while used as a AU plugin?
  18. jbone1313

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    It is fixed in 2.0...for VST at least.
  19. champamoore

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    I still want it fixed in 1.8 while I am saving up for a new computer that can handle 2.0! How they released a VST version that doesn't automatically do this in the first place completely boggles me. NI sometimes reminds me of that needy girl that will block your exit every time you try to leave the room of the party she is in, and get furious every time you speak to or look at another person. That is how this aspect of the software feels, NI.Please let us be free to love you as we will, instead of boxing us in to the point that we want to never look back.

    I love jamming with you, but you refuse to record all changes as they happen natively like Live does. So the least you could do is let me play Maschine into Live the way I love to (which is using step sequenced patterns and augment with live hits/mutes/solos as I go) and record more than just the pad hits (and audio output).

    (yes, i am aware how likely it is they will fix this in Maschine mk1, let's hope the application is complete in 2, and swiftly!)
  20. countcobolt

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    Hey all

    can you confirm this before I upgrade to the 2.0 version: I want to be able to create a pattern in Maschine using pads etc and setting them up. Then I want to be able to record this pattern to a midi track (using cubase) of which the input is set to Maschine Midi Out. Right now it only gives me C3 as a note for each triggered) will this output the correct note to this midi track?

    Kind regards