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Please make this about track collection management

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR DJ 2' started by ffntal, Jan 21, 2020.

  1. ffntal

    ffntal New Member

    I believe what most digital DJs need these days is a robust DJ platform with a real focus on track management:
    • Good filtering structure (tags, ratings, nested filters... you name it).
    • Good visuals (cover art heavy).
    • Able to import/export across ecosystems (Rekordbox, Serato, iTunes...).
    These are features already present in the competition, it is just that none of them has it all (TBH Rekordbox is coming pretty close) or aren't as open as Traktor is. I truly believe this is the area where Traktor is being left behind, so I wish you can fix this with Traktor DJ 2 or ideally build it to Traktor Pro 3 as well.

    Perhaps just implement a "preparation view" (again like Rekordbox) that you could do as a whole new app (that way you could leverage it for both TDJ2 and TP3) that would use a suitable data storage structure that could be shared across all your Traktor instances to allow things like preparing songs on TDJ2 on your iPad to perform in a TP3 in a club (sounds familiar?). Or even TDJ2 iPad in a club and TP3 at home, whatever floats your boat.

    Really I can't see how this could be so difficult, even with a 10 years old codebase. I am a software engineer myself and I am positive you can find way more complicated stuff. The only two reasons I can think of for not getting it done are these:
    1. Product managers could not care less, which would be another reason for moving out of Traktor.
    2. You went from a team of skilled developers to one or two poor monkeys trying to wrap their heads around an old codebase.
    I think it is more of #1 and I guess money (lack of) is involved too, which is all sad. You are really missing on the true innovation that DJs are willing to embrace right now: something that eases the chore that is managing a digital track collection these days. And it is even worse that you almost got it right not too long ago with TDJ and TP2.

    Want to go after the iDJs? What about (again) collection sync, mobile DVS / HID mode (just bring your iPad or even iPhone to a club and hook it up with the Pioneer system or whatever USB controller they might have) or just DJing off your iDevice with a touch based approach like the original TDJ had (TDJ2 is not too bad for this though). Again all these is stuff present in the competition in some way or another.

    Still mesmerized about how many good ideas and suggestions have been posted in these forums and the current state of the Traktor ecosystem. WAKE UP OR JUST GIVE IT UP FOR GOOD!!