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Poor. does not work

Discussion in 'NATIVE ACCESS' started by johnbhoy08, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. johnbhoy08

    johnbhoy08 Forum Member


    It started downloading and installing my full libriary after a windows 10 update broke my pc.

    Appeared to get stuck installing Absynth. Would not let me close the app to get rid of it so i could reboot. Had to force reboot. When i rebooted i cannot start the app and get three errors. The above is one of them.
  2. digilog_

    digilog_ New Member

    There must be something wrong with you pc or installation.
    I also have Windows 10 neither any windows update broke my PC nor Native Access makes any problems - everything works as accepted..
    Try to reinstall your machine..

    Btw. I am running Win 10 1607...
  3. johnbhoy08

    johnbhoy08 Forum Member

    Absolutely pointless and ill informed response. I don't care about your personal situation or experience, i am reporting a bug as the program is not working as intended, which is the actual purpose of this forum, I would refer you to the testing guidelines post.

    Here is the link just incase you feel the need to make a pointless response again.


    A quick google search would also highlight the issues with the Windows 10 anniversary update. I will also make this easy for you and give you the first results of that search


    For the developers: I had already done a clean install of Windows 10 1607 so i was installing all Komplete producs from scratch. The program will now not start at all. I keep getting the three messages as per original post. Here are the other two:


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  4. johnbhoy08

    johnbhoy08 Forum Member

  5. johnbhoy08

    johnbhoy08 Forum Member

    An uninstall and reinstall of the program has fixed the entry point errors. I am currently downloading and installing absynth again.

    I am still of the opinion it would be better to just be able to download the apps and not the content. My content is already installed on another hard drive so it just seems very wasteful to have to download multiple gigabytes of data just to reinstall the program.

    Once the program is installed we can just repoint the libraries to the location of the content.
  6. johnbhoy08

    johnbhoy08 Forum Member

    Again it appears to be stuck installing Absynth. Been like that for over 30 mins now.

    Again going back to the downloading multiple gigabytes of content. Due to the fact that the first install is failing. Native Access has still been downloading the other programs in the back ground and teeing them up, waiting to install them. As the first download has failed , I need to klll the program so i will then need to re download all this again.

    In fact i have now noticed something. If i kill the individual install processes (not native access) then it will jump to the next install. What is strange is that the two installs that have been successful have been for the content which is being installed on a seperate hard drive. IE abbey-road drums installed ok and then the battery 4 factory library installed ok. (in fact any content only seems to install ok. its just the programs that are not installing).

    Also when looking at process manager, the install of the programs does not appear to be consuming any disk usage so is it not writing the data to disk ?

    The other thing to point out is that i chose a non standard install for the VST locations. IE used C:/VSTx64 and C:\VSTx32. They are both currently empty. ( is this possibly the problem?)

    Ah now i can see that native Access is not letting me choose those folders in the preferences as per attached screenshot. I think this is what the problems is

    NonStandard VST location.gif

    If i change these folders to a folder that is not the root of C then it will let me change it. So looks like the issue is that i put my vsts on the root of the C drive
  7. johnbhoy08

    johnbhoy08 Forum Member

    Nope that's not right. The issue is that you have to go into the folder first before selecting it so it's no use just highlighting the folder.

    How to select folder correctly.gif
  8. Ray @ NI

    Ray @ NI REAKTOR team NI Team

    Thanks a lot for you time spent here.

    I do see usability improvements that we can make in both the installation of content vs applications and the way that folders are selected. I'll add these to our backlog for later review.