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Preparing Technotracks with Ableton for Traktor. - Experiences?

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by Christian Druxs, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Christian Druxs

    Christian Druxs New Member

    Hu Guys!

    The issue is as follows: In bigroom clubs I recognized that tracks played with traktor often do not have the same punch like different systems. I worked quite a lot on this issue, so that I discovered that the sound improves, when you disable autogain, key lock, multicore processing and some other features.

    So as I am quite "working" with my sets (not play one track after another), it gets really tricky to do so plus checking all those things that those traktor servants are doing when abled. - but the poor sound .... :-/

    So, my idea was and is to prepare my tracks with Ableton. (Harmonizing volume of all tracks, bmp, warping if necessary and so on ...)

    So, now, whats my question:

    Has anybody experiences in doing so? Especially concerning the fact that most of my tracks are mp3 320 kbits and Ableton converts them to .wav files. - Is there any loss of soundquality expectet in rendering a compressed musicfile to .wav?

    In the following I would leave the worked over tracks in wav to be played in my traktor sets.

    But the next issue is, that I of course have to export the prepared tracks from Ableton.

    When I am producing my own tracks in Ableton I have some routine in mastering and export them, but not in this case.

    What would you think would be the best export settings?

    - Please see added screenshot. - I prefer this setting for my own productions, but would they be the best possible for the prepared tracks? - Some say, that triangular dither would be better, some not. - Some say, that samplerate 44.... with 16 bit is ok, some say 48.... with 32 bit would be better.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you in andvance


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