Probability trigger (like elektron sequencer)

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Sangeeta, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. Sangeeta

    Sangeeta NI Product Owner

    Hi Dev team, i would like to have a probability trigger like seen on the elektron sequencer. It could work the same. In step sequencer mode, hold the pad which is triggerd, and dial with a knob the chance in when the pad should be triggerd. (% chance, 1 bar repeat, repeat the trigger every 2nd bar etc.)

    Its a really nice idea, and i want to see it on machine too.

    Further idea:
    Sequencer track that triggers sequencer track, which would mean, that you could cycle shorter tracks, and have them repeat at certain intervals which are still at a predictable time intervall.
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  2. weamlegend

    weamlegend New Member

    A probability engine on Maschine would be great. I use Geist 2 purely for it's probability feature as it makes the programmed beat more interesting to perform with in a live situation. A one bar loop becomes a multitude of variations.

    With Maschines 2 screens you could take this further in a live sense by having one screen showing the playing beat, and the second screen showing the upcoming beat from the probability values.
    Like knowing your live drummer is about to play an unscripted fill or variation that you can then play along with.
    Does that makes sense? Probably? ;)
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  3. Coorec

    Coorec NI Product Owner

    Bump. :)

    I'd also like to have a probability trigger. I use a modular one right now. Its a really awkward setup ..

    Maschine -> Midi to trigger -> probability trigger -> Trigger to Midi -> Maschine

    Would be much easier to just set the probability chance for the pad :cool:
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  4. CPAF

    CPAF NI Product Owner

    Probability trigs are a must! It is so awesome I need the digitakt, really powerful to make variations. I think the randomizer in maschine as it is now, relies to much on, well randomness. It's a fine feature, but not one I use much.

    Probability trigs, and preferably in such a way so you in step sequencer and in the kit can push one or more pads to change the probability for more at the same time.

    Probability trigs are essential for a "living" ever-evolving beat, and would be a MAJOR addition to the musical possibilities of Maschine!!
  5. ikkini

    ikkini NI Product Owner

    Yes Trig Conditions on Elektron sequencer is a must have. It could enable polyrhythms without changing the pattern structure.
    Number 1 feature request as far as I'm concerned.
    Please NI !!!
  6. Robert Pabst

    Robert Pabst New Member

    I fully support this feature request. Can't believe it's 2018 and Maschine doesn't have it. In fact, I joined the forum to find a way to post this request!
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  7. Jens Porath

    Jens Porath NI Product Owner

    who knows... maybe in 2025?
    +1 on this!
  8. Xyenz Fyxion

    Xyenz Fyxion NI Product Owner

    That would be an awesome addition! +One

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  9. RajahP

    RajahP NI Product Owner

    Plugging for PROBABILITY in 2020.... please..