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Problem installing GR LE (Presonus version) - path with "invalid character"

Discussion in 'Product Installation and Activation (Archive)' started by MountainKing, Dec 11, 2010.

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  1. MountainKing

    MountainKing NI Product Owner


    I've posted my whole problem here at üresonus forums:


    The main problem is that GR LE doesn't get recognized in Studio 1 Artist. I know thta DOES work since I was successful installing and using GR (full version) insdie S1Artist earlier this year. Check my description.

    Now I just wanted to install GR LE from the Presonus installer in order to make sure that S1 Artist will "know" the lacation where GR LE can be found. I hoped that using this way would make GR usable in S1 Artist.

    No succes so far. I deleted all former versions of GR on my HD (I own and use GR Essential plus Rammfire) includng NI Service Center. But everytime I run the installer and it comes to the installation of NI Service Center (can't be unchecked during the install process) I get the message:

    "The folder path "VST plugins" contains an invalid character."

    So, I'm NOT able to install GR LE via the presonus installer (from out of the the S1 application .... which leads to the NI installer of course).


    - WIN XP SP2
    - Core 2 Duo E6600
    - ASUS P5B mainboard

    Now I hope that you NI guys can help me out.

    Regards from germany

  2. ew

    ew Moderator Moderator

  3. MountainKing

    MountainKing NI Product Owner

    Thanks ew,

    it worked. I have been abel to install GR 3LE.

    BTW: Is itnormal that NI Service Center can't be uninstalled? Even if I run the uninstaller via system resources Service always stays on the HD .... and it can be run?

    The applications doesn't appear in this little windows tools but it can be started via program menue (i.e.).

    My otzher issue isn't solved. Presonus Stduo 1 arist doesn't recognize GR 3 EL as a plugins though I put the plugin (including dll) in the Vstplugin folder I added.

    Any ideas?
  4. ew

    ew Moderator Moderator


    The plugin is the .dll- if you moved the app itself, you could have problems.

    32 or 64 bit? If you're 64 bit, are you updated to the latest version of GR? 64 bit didn't come until 3.2 and higher, and if youy have the 32 bit plugin in a subfolder of C:\Program Files instead of C:\Program Files (x86) (or out of Program Files altogether), it won't be recognized.

    As far as the Service Center goes, you've probably got multiple versions. You used to be able to install it anywhere; nowdays it installs to C:\Program Files automatically.

  5. MountainKing

    MountainKing NI Product Owner

    I'm on 32bit win XP SP2.

    I'm in germany so the paths have different names. Usually we got c/Programme or (sometimes) c/program data. Afai can see I don' have anything like x86 in the progtam path's name. So where do have to install and where do I have to locate plugin (dll)?

    this get's really hard for me but I keep the faith that I will manage it with your help.

    How could I move the whole app?

    icopied the 4 plugin dlls into the vstplugin folder that exists under c/programme/vstplugins. No success.
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