Problems with Choke Groups in Battery 3

Discussion in 'BATTERY' started by Gideon Lenz, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Gideon Lenz

    Gideon Lenz New Member

    we ve got 2 cells, each cell containing one sample.
    each cell is assigned to its own voice group. polyphony is set to 1.
    Both voice groups are assigned to the same choke group.

    How can one determine the priority of the cells, i.e. to say which cell is to mute the other one.
    as far as i can read in the manual the last played cell will mute the cell playing.
    But what happens if both cells are triggered simultaneously.
    a friend of mine told me that he tried to set the playing priority by using the voice steal mode.
    but that does not work.
    i wonder if what he wants is implemented at all.

    Best Regards.

  2. jamester

    jamester NI Product Owner

    If you want both hits playing simultaneously, then you don't want them choked. Choking specifically means one cell is turning the other cell off. You wouldn't want the cells triggered simultaneously to begin with...
  3. Gideon Lenz

    Gideon Lenz New Member

    ok. then i understood it the right way. either a is muted by b or vice versa
  4. nutrapuppy

    nutrapuppy NI Product Owner

    I think each note will truncate any other. In other words, a is muted by a, b, or c.
    At least that is what I am able to figure so far.

    Good luck.
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