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Quickest way to convert Stereo Kick to Mono.

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by musicsoul, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. musicsoul

    musicsoul NI Product Owner


    What is the quickest & most efficient way to convert an exported stereo Kick from Maschine 1.8.2 into Mono?

    My workflow is as follows;

    1. Work in Maschine 1.8.2 Standalone mode to create my beats.
    2. Export separate drum tracks (Kick, Hats, Snares etc) into Logic Pro X.

    At present, once I have loaded my Stereo Kick into Logic Pro X, I bounce it out as Mono and load the Mono Kick back in. Is there a more efficient way to do this? Is there a plugin that converts Stereo samples to Mono?

    p.s. I do have Maschine 2.2 and am starting to use it more and more so if there is a feature in this version to do it then I am happy to use it if someone can tell me how to do it?
  2. m:t:c

    m:t:c NI Product Owner

    Sample edit or sampler would benefit from MONO L, MONO R, MONO L+R (MID), MONO L-R (SIDE) options.
  3. Rekordhead

    Rekordhead Member

    Doesn't logic have a button on the mixer channel that changes stereo to mono? Or you could throw a stereo widener on it and pull it down to dead mono
  4. FrankieFilth

    FrankieFilth NI Product Owner

    Absolutely agree!
    Yeah, this is the easiest way. Switch the input on your stereo channel to mono.
  5. Tarekith

    Tarekith NI Product Owner

    Drop Voxengo's free MSED plug in after the sampler and pull the side channel volume all the way down.
  6. m:t:c

    m:t:c NI Product Owner

  7. The Unfu**withable

    The Unfu**withable Forum Member

    ^ That´s what I am using. It´s friggin great...
  8. Speakerhead

    Speakerhead New Member

    Homie, when you in the sample button page in edit mode, look on the screen at the end of the sample view window. if your in stereo seeing 2 waveforms, right above the timeline at the end you should see 2 intersecting circles, kinda looks like an infinity symbol or more like the stereo symbol in Logic X. Click on the symbol to toggle between mono and stereo.
  9. rudynicoletti

    rudynicoletti NI Product Owner

    a 'Utility' plug in like Logic's would be a great addition..
  10. Mr36

    Mr36 NI Product Owner

    I believe this is just for the visual representation and doesn't toggle mono/stereo.

    I don't know Logic's version, but a native utility plugin would be very welcome in Maschine.
  11. Speakerhead

    Speakerhead New Member

    Yea after looking at my meter in my console, I think your right.. WTF is a "Drum" machine without mono???
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  12. bargale

    bargale New Member

    I'm requesting this feature to be added at least once in 6 months, please request this as well in every post that has comments from NI reps ..

    p.s there is no real mono in maschine, only double mono, you can try to test it by inserting a mono plugin and watch and hear volume gains 6db because it will sum both sides....
  13. granmah

    granmah NI Product Owner

    I still can't believe Maschine doesn't both play Mono (L, R, L+R) and convert to mono (L, R, L+R). Is this a freaking drum machine? Lots of new fancy features but still haven't covered the basics.
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