RC24 making strange, sudden noises

Discussion in 'STUDIO FX' started by Jaxo, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. Jaxo

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    I'm using FL Studio 11 for this, with a 100% wet RC24 on a send. Whenever I "export" my song, RC24 periodically adds very heavy reverb where it shouldn't be. However, these artifacts are not rendered while working on the song. I have identical interpolation rates set on both the final render and working mixer. Here's a screenshot of my render settings. My first thought would be that Dithering might be screwing it up, since exporting a .wav doesn't make this noise. Still, I'd like to be able to export an .mp3 without issues :)

    Here's a quick, auto-playing demo of what I'm talking about. This is one the best sample I've gotten of the reverb acting this way. There's a really loud glitch at ~0:06, it sounds like a "whoosh". Everything in this demo is registered, so it's not demo noise. I've tried a bunch of other reverbs (both algorithmic/digital and convolution) and I'm not getting this noise.

    What could this be? How can I fix it?
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  2. Milooz

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    I have exactly the same issue and it is very annoying.
    Any answer on how to avoid these glitches ?
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    I have found a workaround.
    When rendering FL Studio seems to change sample buffer size and RC24 seems to be not compatible with that.
    Fortunately FL Studio give an option to use a fixed buffer size for particular plugins.
    The workaround consist to check this option for every instance of RC24 (RC48 ?).
    rc24 workaround.png rc24 workaround-2.png