Reaktor can't recreate settings in old projects

Discussion in 'REAKTOR' started by Tiggerdyret, Jan 3, 2020.

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    So Reaktor is not able to recreate the settings, when I load up an old project. My DAW is Reaper, but I think the problems lies with Reaktor. It says it's missing an ensemble, but I do not have the ensembles saved anywhere. Reaktor does find the newly installed ensembles, when I load in standalone and as a new plugin, so the problem is recollecting the settings in my DAW projects. Shouldn't Reaktor just find the settings saved in the project like any other vst does? The problem is with Reaktor instance, so I the problem persists with Polyplex, Razor and probably any other instance of Reaktor.

    I think it is a couple of systems resets since I worked with these projects, so it probably doesn't recognize the files system anymore, since they have probably changes since then.
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    Reaktor will need your ensembles. Unlike with other VST/VSTi, it needs the additional data and not just the values of the parameters, which are stored by your DAW.

    How it stores the location of the ensemble, I don't know and it may vary depending on if it is an installed player-ensemble (like the mentioned Polyplex and Razor) or if it is an ensemble that was created by you/downloaded form the user-library.

    Do you have the ensembles in question available on your computer? If yes and Reaktor tells you, that they couldn't be found, you should be able to select them manually and the settings should be restored (as long as you didn't modify them too much).
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    No, I didn't save the specific ensemble/preset. I can load in the default reaktor ensembl, but it won't recall my settings and will just load the default setting. I have hundreds of different presets saved over my projects and I didn't realize that Reaktor was unable to be saved with the project. So if I don't export the presets every time I make a change, it's lost forever?

    Edit: Found out what the problem is. It is caused by a bug the deletes a "/" in the file structure line. If I rename Razor to RazorRazor.rkpl and move it to the top folder it works again.

    This is not okay on NI's part. It's an old bug and it could have seriously hurt my work.
    I found this thread discussing the issue: https://support.native-instruments....001359989-Reaktor-6-ensemble-not-found-en-us-

    If anyone has a better solutions than copying and renaming I'm all ears!
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