Recording Live Maschine VST Audio Best Practices in Cubase: Step-by-Step + a ?

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    I run Cubase 6.x 64 bit and I use an Access Virus TI2 Polar as an audio card on Windows 7. Sometimes I want to record a live performance / jam session on Maschine. Since Maschine does NOT send out MIDI for things like pattern switching/mutes/solos you can not render MIDI to audio and the ONLY way to really capture a live Maschine performance / jam is to capture it as audio.

    I figured out how to set this up: see my step by step instructions below for Cubase users. This will allow you to not only record your Maschine performance as audio, but also record it on seperate Maschine outs (to keep the example simple I limted it to three outs - kick, snare, closed HH - but you could easliy do this on all 16 outs).

    This setup works great, but as with many things in Cubase, I always feel there is a better way to do this. Questions for Cubase power users: do I have to set up dummy busses like I have below, or is there a cleaner way to directly rout a VST out to a audio track in? And why do I have to hit the "monitor" button to hear this? I know there is a real explanation for it, but I am not smart enough to figure it out.

    Thx - BBJ

    How to set up Cubase to Record Maschine Live Audio on Multiple Channels
    1 Go to "Devices>VST Instruments" and select Maschine
    2 While still in "Devices>VST Instruments," set Cubase to see the multiple Maschine outputs by clicking the output icon and checking "Maschine Out 1 [Stereo]", "Maschine Out 2 [Stereo]", "Maschine Out 3 [Stereo]"
    3 In the Maschine GUI load a kit; select "Out", click on the Kick and set it to "Out 1"; click on the Snare and set to "Out 2", click on the Closed HH and set to "Out 3"
    4 Create three audio tracks in Cubase and name them "Kick", "Snare", "Closed HH"
    5 Got to "Devices>VST Connections>Outputs" and click "Add Bus" and create three new busses
    6 Set the "Audio Device" for all three to "Not Connected" and rename them "Maschine Out 1 [Stereo]", "Maschine Out 2 [Stereo]", "Maschine Out 3 [Stereo]"
    7 Go to "Devices>Mixer"
    8 Change the "Output Routing" of the Maschine Instrument Tracks: "Maschine Out 1" from "Stereo Out" to "Maschine Out 1 [Stereo]"; "Maschine Out 2" from "Stereo Out" to "Maschine Out 2 [Stereo]"; "Maschine Out 3" from "Stereo Out" to "Maschine Out 3 [Stereo]"
    9 Change the "Input Routing" of the Cubase Audio Tracks: "Kick" from "Stereo In" to "Maschine Out 1 [Stereo]"; "Snare" from "Stereo In" to "Maschine Out 2 [Stereo]"; "Closed HH" from "Stereo In" to "Maschine Out 3 [Stereo]"
    10 Arm the three audio tracks "Kick", "Snare", "Closed HH"; turn the monitoring "On" for all three; Record
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    This is super helpful m8, thanks for posting.

    Do you know how to do the same for MIDI? That is, if I want to play Cubase and have my Maschine song transferred as midi note data on one or more tracks at once, as I play it live?

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    recording mashine audio in cubase

    Hi this is Krys I tried your step by step recording audio from maschine's vst in cubase artist 6 and did exactly what you wrote how to do it and it just dos not work .
    I'm not sure whats wrong but I tried maybe 5 times and I followed step by step your way and it just dos not work .
    Is there any chance that you could help me with this issue, please.

    Best regards