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Remix Sets Missing

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by jimh32, Apr 10, 2020.

  1. jimh32

    jimh32 New Member

    I recently upgraded from a MacPro running Traktor Pro 2 on OS High Sierra to a MacBookPro running Traktor Pro 3 on OS Catalina. The upgrade has wreaked havoc with my Remix Sets and samples. I use an external drive to store files for my collection and everything is mapped properly in File Management as it was before the upgrade. Several of my samples simply disappeared. More importantly all (70) of my Remix Sets have gone blank. They appear in the Library under the correct names, but there are no samples in them at all. Manually re-creating (70) Remix sets from existing samples is going to be nightmare.

    In addition, new loops I create are not automatically being added to the sample library after (3) plays, and I can't manually drag loops to the Remix set slots anymore either.

    Some tracks and/or samples have gotten unliked and renamed strange things like "2017y05m06d_16h55m08s548697573025033"

    Finally, saving out new Remix sets as .TRAK files isn't working either.

    Support has understandably gone AWOL due to COVID, so any help from board members who have gone through similar issues would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!​
  2. Cheef Roberts

    Cheef Roberts NI Product Owner

    Have you tried a consistency check? Have you got the same drive letters as the old system?
  3. jimh32

    jimh32 New Member

    Yes, I've been through the whole troubleshooting process, but still nothing. Very frustrating.
  4. AndyB17

    AndyB17 New Member

    Hi Jim, have you had any luck with the remix set issue?
    I've just installed traktor on a new laptop and am having the same problem. None of my remix sets are working, the name is there but everything in the deck is blank when the set is loaded. However, step sequencer sets seem to work ok.

    Ideas anyone?
  5. Lasse Mix

    Lasse Mix NI Product Owner

    Same here. Name is there but blank when loaded.
  6. sndrsklr

    sndrsklr NI Product Owner