Replika XT unwanted infinite sustain

Discussion in 'STUDIO FX' started by glittle, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. glittle

    glittle NI Product Owner

    Cubase 10.0.4
    Windows 10

    Running Replika XT as an insert effect on a channel. I'm trying to do ping-pong echoes in diffuse mode. There seem to be a large number of "sweet spots" where there is a quiet but notable sustaining wash that either stays there near infinitely, or at least takes a long time to disappear.

    Some settings that cause this for me:

    Mode: Diffusion
    Density: Dense (although it's happened on Sparse as well)
    Amount: 25%
    Size: 6.0
    Movement: (doesn't seem to matter)

    Single/Dual: Single
    Mix: 75/25
    Straight 1/4 note echoes

    Feedback: 0 (!!)
    Standard/PingPong: PingPong

    The key settings seem to be Diffusion Amount, and Size. Unfortunately, the sweet spot for Amount seems to be right around that medium area mid-way between 0% and 50%... right where I want to adjust.

    Right now I'm running some solo instruments through it, and when I hit stop, I hear just a couple of diffuse echoes (as intended), then a "fog" of tone that I do not want, and won't go away.

    Can anyone duplicate this? I'd love to get rid of it, since it happens right about where I want the settings to be. Any workarounds?

  2. glittle

    glittle NI Product Owner

    Anyone who can either confirm the behavior, or explicitly *not* have the problem?