Right way to use expansion kits

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    I have a question about the expansions involving Battery and its usage...

    I hear the NI website audio demo of something I already own and like the bass sound of it. The demo says it is from the kit name Neon.
    I'll give you an example:

    "Shimmering guitars elevate this laid-back jam from the OPALINE DRIFT Expansion, with driving drums from the “Desert Queen” kit, and the “Neon” kit providing the bass, synth, and pads."

    I'm looking in Massive, but eventually find it in Battery. (edit: I just now discovered the bass is a loop, already pitch shifted in Komplete Kontrol as well.)

    So there are various battery kits with one bass sound, one pad, etc. are you using them as is, or are you copying them to a new kit, and stretching them? Or just using them in KK? KK suddenly appears to be the easiest way to use melodic ones.

    It just seems like I was doing this the hard way inside my daw, and am wondering if I should just be looking at Massive or Kontrol instead if I want a melodic bassline for example.

    Since I am likely taking advantage of the expansion sale, I just want to understand workflows better.