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Rise'n'Hit disappointment

Discussion in 'KONTAKT' started by mabian, Sep 11, 2020.

  1. mabian

    mabian NI Product Owner


    I just got Rise and Hit and I have to say that, even after less than an hour of using it, my main feeling is a crossing between disappointed and underwhelmed.
    I found a possible bug and behavior that for me is hardly acceptable in a plugin like this.

    The bug: while fiddling with the timing/sync control, especially switching between sync and free, when playing keys for the complete sequence (rise + hit with "continue" on) a very noticeable lag started happening between the end of the rise and the start of the hit.
    It was even more than a second from the rise end to the hit start.
    Just touching again the setting for the time control made the lag vanish and the rise/hit sequence was back ok.
    This happened at least two times. Not a severe problem but a bit annoying I have to say.

    The problem: I understand this is not a very recent plugin, but being this focused on rise and hit sounds I found it a bit disconcerting that sounds choke with machine gun effect when repeating the key, so that, especially when you have long and reverberant hit sounds, you cannot repeat them quickly without having the sound stop and restart. Is there some way to increase polyphony and prevent this from happening?
    Maybe play sounds on different MIDI channels (haven't tried yet)? Playing different hit keys doesn't make any difference.

    (v1.2.0, Windows 10x64, Kontakt 6.4.1 standalone)

  2. The Sarge

    The Sarge NI Product Owner

    what soundcard/interface are you using?
    which driver: ASIO or other?
    laptop or "normal" PC?
    how much RAM?

    that are all things, which can help to figure out what´s on ;)

    you wrote: Kontakt standalone - tried to use it your DAW (whch one btw?) ?
    if yes, are there the same problems?

    can you please name one preset, where it really is happening every time, so that someone can re-do it on his Rise&Hit and proof/or not that it happens

    (sorry for bad english, it´s not my native-speech)
  3. mabian

    mabian NI Product Owner


    I am really skeptical about how the details you requested can matter regarding what I reported (especially the machine gun effect really seems by design), but you're right, here they are:

    Soundcard: RME Fireface UC
    Driver: ASIO
    PC Type: Normal PC (minitower)
    Detail specs: Intel i7700k @4.2GHz / 16GB RAM / RME Fireface UC / 250GB SSD / 2x2TB HD / Win10x64

    Haven't tried yet the plugin, I'm using REAPER x64.

    The machine gun (Hit choking itself) happens on every single preset I tried. Can you give it a check yourself?

    Testing in the next minutes on my DAW with the plugin, will report back soon.

  4. mabian

    mabian NI Product Owner

    OK, I checked with the plugin (Kontakt VST2) in REAPER.

    I confirm the machine gun effect (just try "05 - Percussive -> Big Drums 1" and press repeatedly a "Hit" key, you should hear clearly the tail being cut by the new keypress).
    I also confirm also the sporadic gap on rise/hit timing; same preset, by setting the time slider at different values, occasionally changing between beat and seconds and try playing the whole rise+hit combination. Some times the hit comes with a delay after the rise sound has finished (there's a gap).
    After that you have to change the settings to get the expected "no gap" behavior.

    I'm a bit disappointed, just can't believe nobody ever reported this...
    While the first issue can be explained with the fact that the product is not made for hits in quick succession, which is a pity considering the sound quality, the second is probaly something not so relevant because once you set the settings you're good to go usually.

    But still this doesn't leave with a good feeling.

    - Mario