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Discussion in 'GUITAR RIG' started by nutrapuppy, Nov 8, 2006.

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  1. nutrapuppy

    nutrapuppy NI Product Owner

    I use ACID as my primary DAW host.
    My Sound Card is an RME HDSP w/Multiface.
    The machine is a Core 2 Duo with a gig of RAM.

    I have GR2 on the way, according to NI sales (who have misinformed me so much I am not really sure I have anything on the way).

    So, if I want to track with Guitar Rig, what is the method?

    Presumably I cannot run it in STAND ALONE if the DAW is using the same audio card, as they would be hijacking the driver from each other and causing sync havoc.

    Do I run it as an FX plug, sending from my record channel?

    And how about if I want to "print" the take as I record, using the sound I choose in Guitar Rig, not recording the dry signal but the GR output?

    (I do understand how cool it is to change things later, but I record a lot of layers, and like to commit to a sound equally as often as I like to have options)

    I do find that over 10ms. latency is an issue. How does GR2 perform with ASIO settings around 6ms? 3ms?

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.