Run Traktor on an older Laptop? HP dv2000

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by glasdaddy, Aug 5, 2012.

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    So ive been using traktor 2 for a while now and have gotten pretty good at it. i recently got an akai mpk25 and even though its not the best piece of equipment for traktor, its my first midi controller and much better than using a keyboard. I can run traktor on my desktop fine. Some basic stats are intel dual core @2.2ghz with 3gb ram and 64 bit operating system. So I can run traktor along with a webrowser and other things at the same time without any lag or discrepancies. The other day i tried running traktor on my HP laptop and it was extremely laggy at just running one track. changing all the settings of the computer to minimum i just barely had enough to make it run smooth with two tracks. the specs of the laptop are amd athlon x64 @1.8ghz dual core and 1gb of memory and windows 32 bit. Basically what i would like to do is be able to run traktor with my akai plugged in and have a sound out and a separate channel to plug in headphones in to monitor. All of this through the laptop so i can play for example at parties. 1. what do i need to have 2 separate channels on my laptop? 2. Will upgrading my ram from 1gb to 2gb help in running traktor? 3. Is it worth the effort to try and use my laptop at all? The recomended requirements by NI are a dual core 2ghz and 4gb ram so im not sure. Any advice would be nice!:p:p
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    1. You'll need some sort of dual stereo channel sound card.

    2. It might make all the difference, it might make none. There are so many other variables. Maybe throw in 3-4GB and you might get away with it.

    3. I used to run Traktor with 2GB of RAM but my processor is dual core 2.16GHZ so your processor might prove to be the weakest link here.
    It is certainly going to be cheaper to add RAM than buy a new laptop but your RAM money might be better saved towards this laptop.

    If you can risk buying RAM that you could return or easily resell should it not be adequate, then you might want to try that first.
    You might also want to consider a small SSD to install your OS & Traktor on. Every little helps and you can pick up a 40GB Intel for around £50 now.