S4 MK1 SoundCard Issue

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  1. HPNZ

    HPNZ NI Product Owner

    Hi Guys
    I Have an Issue with my Traktor S4 MK1's Soundcard : when i'm using Traktor or any other software (like FL Studio) or even just windows (with the sound coming from the S4 Soundcard), the sound's perfect, with no crackling, noise etc ... but then the sound randomly freezes for half a second with a big crackling sound coming out and then continue as usual ...
    Here is the video to show you how it sounds (the problem occurs at 0:05, 0:38 and 0:40) :

    Anyone ?
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  2. Finlay C

    Finlay C NI Product Owner

    Check that you've got the latest software and all updates are installed
  3. HPNZ

    HPNZ NI Product Owner

    I Downloaded the last driver for the S4 and the last version of Traktor but nothing changes ... i even reinstalled my ASIO4ALL, my Maschine Setup, all my audio equipments, nothing ...
  4. Bibeaux

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    I have a similar/another issue regarding my soundcard or WDM wasapi mode, because this causes my load to always go in red!

    I want to live stream myself and my friend doing a b2b set but OBS software recognizes my S4 MK2 only as two seperate channels... When I switch to WDM audio OBS software picks up the correct audio signal, but my Traktor only pops and crackles...

    Somebody here has some advice on how to cope with this?