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Closed S4 mk3 Master/Sync Problem

Discussion in 'Archive' started by OliverGross, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. OliverGross

    OliverGross NI Product Owner


    Could anybody confirm this:

    I tried the New Beta (60. Build) with my Kontrol s4 mk3 (0.6.0 Firmware) and couldn‘t set Deck B as Master.
    I tested it manually and automatically.
    Only Deck A was possible to set as Master Deck.
    My Preferences: Tempo Sync and only On Air Deck as Master.

    With the same preferences I tried it with my Vestax VCI 400. This worked as expected. Master changed the Deck automatically.
  2. Sûlherokhh

    Sûlherokhh NI Product Owner

    Make sure that the deck is On Air. Line Fader and X-Fader need to be open.
    Or uncheck 'OnlyOnAir can be master'.
  3. OliverGross

    OliverGross NI Product Owner


    You are right!
    My fault.
    Thank you for your help!!