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S4 USB Win - clicks and pops - Audio-4dj + old driver fix

Discussion in 'Technical Issues (Archive)' started by dj_archduke, Jan 24, 2011.

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  1. dj_archduke

    dj_archduke New Member

    I was running S4 on a new Vaio quad core, 8GB ram, power conditioner and
    noise filter, gold-plated USB, running Windows 7 b4bit, no other programs,
    updated BIOS + Realtek audio drivers, and all crappy malware services off,
    to no avail: the incessant clicks, crackles, and drop-outs persisted.

    I followed the guides, DPA latency reports it can handle real-time data.
    windows USB power update says my system doesn't require it, and I
    tried all combinations of drivers and latency settings with the same results.

    now there's no reason it should click and crackle on this performant machine,
    I also tried it with an audio-4dj, and it crackled less, but still enough that I
    couldn't possibly spin in clubs with this.

    Finally to pundits or NI who claim it's got to do with other rogue usb devices,
    poor processor speed, or greedy services, please note that Traktor Pro/LE
    worked like a charm on the same machine with a Stantopn SCS3 System,
    with only 4 GB of Ram and without having to tweak anything or kill wifi.
    (actually the scs3 had clicks and pops until I installed the gold-plated USB).

    imho, the culprit is definitely the built-in driver.

    Finally to test this driver hypothesis, I downgraded the Audio-4-DJ driver from
    2.9.4 to 2.0.15. now it works like a charm. no drop outs or clicks and pops.
    so you need an another external Asio audio card. if NI Audio-2/4/8-DJ,
    make sure it's running the old driver (2.0.15).

  2. LicQuyd

    LicQuyd New Member

    Anyone know if a Native Instruments AUDIO KONTROL 1 would work.....until NI fixes the drivers
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