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Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by manoob, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. manoob

    manoob Forum Member

    S5 should be better built(look at ns6)
    No endless clicking encoders for gain but traditonal gain .
    4 programble encoders which users can chose to use how they feel(like it could be used as 4rd eq or sample slot..)in 2 bank (the 4 can change to another function by pushing an single knob)
    key encoders or ablity to change efx encoders to key or simply put it as an efx!
    zoom in/out scroll!
    abilty 2 beatgrid from s5!
    xlr and monitor out.
    1 channel real mixer so incase of crash sound from external would go through.
    bigger platter .
    real level indicators that are accurate!
  2. KLH

    KLH NI Product Owner

    Expanding on this, I suggest the following:

    * Input D should have a USB/Thru switch (which S4 does have)
    * Input E should be a dedicated mic input, also with a USB/Thru switch

    That way the S5 can be configured for these usages:

    1. All four decks in TP (S4 does this)
    2. All four decks in TP with a microphone (S4 cannot do this)
    3. Use two decks as virtual, two decks as DVS in TSP (S4 does this)
    4. Use two decks as virtual, two decks as DVS in TSP with a microphone (S4 cannot do this)
    5. Use four decks in TP with a backup external device like an iPod (S4 can do this)
    6. Use four decks in TP with a backup external device and a microphone (S4 cannot do this)

    In addition the USB/Thru switches and external device gains/trims should be located in the front.

    As a final request, there should be a parallel 1/8" headphone port in addition to the 1/4" headphone port.

  3. XDeeJay

    XDeeJay Forum Member

    + 1 for monitor volume knob like all the pioneers mixers a knob and stereo out put for booth monitors

    WIGSTA New Member


    Make the faders easier to replace
  5. loopbg

    loopbg NI Product Owner

    +1 on what's already written +:
    * integrate the TA6 inside - give us dual (mono)Mic inputs, switchable to line.
    * software booth out. One of the 3 output pairs can work great for booth out
    * either built with arcade buttons, or capable of upgrade to such
    * flexible mapping with ability to override the NI preset (also hope to have this on the S4 soon)
  6. manoob

    manoob Forum Member

    white colored encoders with a black mark on point. would be easier to see whats going on in dark clubs!

    An vocoder efx would be nice to use with mic!

    and please on next software make an optional (computer)screen layout for touch screen users , Cant be that hard! if like v dj we could make our screen layout it wouldnt be a problem, but on T. we dont have that option so please, please, please!
  7. loopbg

    loopbg NI Product Owner

    I often wish my S4's Cue/Master mix potentiometer on the front, to be an analogue hardware control, instead of a software one. I want to hear the output of other applications through the headphones, while my speakers are off. I somehow often forget that it isn't and try to do it again and again ... like i'm expecting it to be an analogue control :)

    and if the S4 driver could have virtual audio routing, like Soundflower or Jack or VAC ...

    hope you guys at NI put an eye on our ideas ... most will definitely help the sales and the customer satisfaction ;)
    Last edited: May 28, 2011
  8. manoob

    manoob Forum Member

    when i say better built i hope it says that better matarial is used for que/play loop in/out................ than the current plastic with an better feel to them.

    another funticion that would be great would be seperate 9" moving platter deck that could be connected to s5 and could be sold seperatly without the need of time cod(like an hybrid). it would be just small enough to transport with s5 and would make scracthing much more fun as well as it would let us have 2 platter + the to platter on s5 4 platter at the same time without pressing in other knobs. (it should have pitch and play/cue on it as well)
  9. Stalagmite

    Stalagmite New Member

    S1 Please !

    Just make a Good affordable single jogwheel controller for people that already have a hardware mixer (seems still essential to be able to plug in anything) and a NI soundcard and Kill the CDJ market ALREADY !
    Otus has a good approach but not targeted enough on traktor

    The Denon dn-hs2000 is realy the way to go (all the controls are there and nicely laidout) but make it bigger with better knobs,
    Make an option for it to sell with an intergrated soundcard or not ( a dock for a Ni soundcard under the controller maybe?)

    maybe even a screen for essential feedback (time, track name) to rely less on the computer.
  10. manoob

    manoob Forum Member

    And please better built(again)!
    my s4 is falling a part! headphone dosent work. 1efx on/off dosent work somtimes. and one of efx encoders give problems somtime!
    if there isnt a better built unit next time i have decided no to buy ni!
    i want my unit to last a couple of years at least for pro use and not six months!
  11. XDeeJay

    XDeeJay Forum Member

    yes me too i have the same problem on my s4 , headphone jack is too bad and the volume knobs of cue and volume are not working good when turning hard to turn in a range, and the middle left effect on off one time work 2 3 clicks dont work, i hope they can spread the 2 outputs to one main one monitor too :(
  12. silversx

    silversx Forum Member

    i really wish there would be a "s1" unit..

    take the x1 style and add platters or chop the mixer section out of the s4 and make it a bit bigger with bigger platters

    no sound card built in.. just straight controller..

    then i can use that with my djm 900 or 2000 and the CDJs are history..

    im so tired of effing messing with the dam cdj to control traktor.. to have 2 s1 controlling traktor but using pioneer mixer would be a dream..

    of course need to have sample control on the s1

    make it happen NI.. CDJs are over priced POS pain in my a$$
  13. manoob

    manoob Forum Member

    i knida understand what you mean a real dedicated mixer with soundcard will give you better sound quality than the internal mixer(EQ)!
    maybe what you want is somthing like denons dnsc 2000?
  14. ekwipt

    ekwipt NI Product Owner

    +1 I'm thinking maybe this is why we haven't seen Advanced HID on the CDJ2000. Conspiracy theory anyway.
  15. manoob

    manoob Forum Member

    would be great if we could save the combination of efx and samples together on a track!
    this way when we load a song the efx and samples saved with it could load together! saving time as well as we could have the right efx and samples for each song ready!
    it shouldnt be that hard to do this,
    the coolest would be having a screen(windowed in the traktor screen) like (x(0-127)-y(0-127) graph) lets say if you have an filter you can set x=frq and y=resonance and where you place your fnger would give an efx towards those parameters. would be pretty cool and much faster than conventional encoders to use. as well as you could jump from low frq middle resonance to high frq middel res. in ms. this screen could be optional but would really open up the way we use efx far more creative!
    this screen could be set up to work with different efx ,delay x=reapeat dealay y=feedback or you could add more efx on top of each other and use there!
    touch screen opens some new ways we could all of this on and have in traktor it self would make it much easier to use, and no need to bring more stuff with u(i-pad...).
    all u need than is an touchscreen laptop!
    i really hope someone do this because it really opens up new creative ways to use efx.
  16. toreuyar

    toreuyar NI Product Owner

    S4's Cue/Master mix potentiometer is indeed an analogue potentiometer. It does not change software Cue/Master mix value if haven't noticed. Also you can't get master output mix if you are not using S4's main output as main output, happened to me.

    I have to state that first I got a little bit confused about gain encoders. But later I noticed that gain should be used to equalize volume levels only, since there are volume faders and cross fader for all other mixing and effects which by the way work much more better than traditional knobs, so having an infinite gain knob with clicking is awesome I think. Because I set my gain level by my ear not with visual representation of knob's state, it work much better than alternative.

    Of course it is my opinion that I would like to have a speech about, not a rule. I have used both alternative, on my S4 and my Mixtrack, and I choice clicky infinite encoder.
  17. loopbg

    loopbg NI Product Owner

    Are you confusing the Headphones volume knob, which indeed is an analogue control? The Cue/Master mix is a Midi/HID control, which controls the software feature. It doesn't work on analogue signals and that's very anoyng for me, when using the S4 just as an audio itnerface without Traktor running.

    If it really works as you say, could it be that in your revision of the hardware it is analogue, while mine is software? I have an unit from the relatively early manufucutring. When you got yours?
  18. The Fosta

    The Fosta Forum Member

    How about removable faders? I'm dreading one of mine going and having to be without my s4 while it gets fixed.
  19. toreuyar

    toreuyar NI Product Owner

    I tested the Cue/Master mix just right now and it works exactly like you said. It is really silly of me to not noticing that. Clearly I was wrong. I probably confused that with Cue Volume knob as you said. So our hardware is probably same.

    Sorry for any confusion I made by publishing wrong information on this forum.
  20. manoob

    manoob Forum Member

    possibleity of having 2 or 3 different tempo in on song. like chosing different tempo points in 1 song!
    a lot of old track have different tempo in different parts of the song!
    as well as new once!