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    due to heavy performance problems in logicpro which are related to Kontakt 5 I will save all used Kontakt instances as a monolith on the project SSD itself. Till now I separated my samples for Kontakt on an extra SSD and my orchestra strings on a WD 3TB red via icybox USB3.
    But I cannot, it's greyed out, Patch+Samples as well. I can only save "Patches".
    I read the german manual and searched this forum.

    First: why is it grayed out, I tried to save on my SSD, on my internal SSD, it's not about permission.
    Second: do you might criticize my try to do that - I heard from profs samples should be never on the same SSD as your project file?

    to give more details about performance:
    - I split my normal use of Kontakt from 8 instruments in one instance into 4 instruments in 2 instances already
    - I use purge all samples
    - I tried multiprocessor off/ 8 cores.
    -> still logic is freezing, which might be logic's problem but I have to continue finishing this project in time.

    important info:
    I am on LogicPro 9 (not X) on a OSX Sierra MacBookPro and I won't change due to this projects.
    Kontakt 5 is on 5.8.1


    Solution suggestion:
    I could move my Sonokinetic's 300GB which I rarely use to the 3TB WD Red - and the Ark1-3 with 200GB which I all the time use to the now empty space on my Samples-SSD.
    But as I read several times: never move your samples. I will get troubles with refinding samples in all my projects, of course.
    I found this useful and will try it: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/de/articles/115005719829
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    If the multi contains any Kontakt Player libraries, you cannot save as patch+samples or as monolith, that is by design.

    In case of Kontakt Player libraries, you can freely move them to whatever drive, Kontakt will ask you for the new location. Since this location is written in system registry/plist, all your DAW projects will refer to those new locations then. Nothing lost! But this is only valid for Kontakt Player libraries. For unencoded libraries, if you move them, that WILL affect your current projects, and you'll need to point each instance of Kontakt to the proper location one by one, manually, then resave the project - one project at a time.