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    Hi all,

    i have been making beats for a year already, all of them using the maschine studio 2.0. I want to know if in order to send beats to a rapper i have to mix the beats in another daw or if doing some mix in maschine (eq and compression) is enough. I see producers like 9th wonder, Nottz or Havoc using always maschine for making beats. For example 9th wonder has an instrumental series called Zion and I want to know if you think that he mixes this beats in another daw or if he puts them out straight from the maschine. If you are mixing everything in maschine, are you using 3rd party plugins? Which plugins would you recommend me?

    Thanks in advance. Peace
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    al depend what the other person works on. may hip-hop guys work on FL studio or Akai MPC. You should ask. If he uses maschine and has same expansions, just send the projct file. if not, send wave files.

    i dont know how hip-hop artist work, but the way i work is, i send two files. a rough mix of the whole track and then a version without the instrument. so if i am collabing with a bass player, he gets a rough mix with bass and he gets a rough mix without bass.
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    It's works generally the same for all beat-oriented genres. A well-mixed beat will always sound better and improve your chances of getting a placement with an artist.

    Generally, it works like this:
    - You send a single track master wav (or MP3) file as a reference that the artist will use to write too, it's a good idea to include BPM in the file name as well as your name, if you're going for modern rappers that sing more than they rap the key info will also help for... the autotune.
    - If the project moves forward you will be asked to send a multitrack, some artists might ask for it out the gate, depends...

    Professional producers have to send the multitrack out to the rapper (or his label/manager/assistant/audio engineer/whoever). They are in charge of getting it mixed and mastered in a professional studio (even if you already mixed it), generally, it's the same guy who records the vocals but not always. How much a producer mixes the beat before sending it depends on the producer, some do a ton of mixing other do zero mixing...

    So it pretty much depends on how professional the people you work with are... Some dont care and record over a stereo MP3 and call it a day while others are OCD about getting the best sound possible...

    As for what plugins to use that's a way too subjective to answer, everyone will say different things, you're the one who has to decide what's good and what's not.
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